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Using Built-in Add-In Programs in Excel 2007

Add-in programs are small modules that extend the power of Excel 2007 by giving you access to a wide array of features and calculating functions not otherwise offered in the application. There are three [more…]

Navigating Excel 2007's Worksheet Tabs

Each new workbook you open in Excel 2007 contains three blank worksheets, although you can add many more. You can easily move between the worksheets in an Excel workbook by using the sheet tabs, the Sheet [more…]

Get Excel Help for Excel 2007

If you get stuck and have questions about Microsoft Office Excel 2007 features, you can use the Excel Help window to quickly find Excel 2007 help. The Excel Help button — the button with a question mark [more…]

Starting and Exiting Excel 2007

Microsoft Office Excel 2007 provides several methods for starting and exiting the program. You can open Excel by using the Start menu or a desktop shortcut. When you want to exit Excel, you can do so by [more…]

Shortcuts for Common View Commands in Excel 2007

If you want to change the way you're looking at an Excel 2007 spreadsheet, or the way the page is laid out, use these view command shortcuts (Alt + hot key). [more…]

Shortcuts for Common File Commands in Excel 2007

Instead of using the ribbon for your basic file functions in Excel 2007, check out this chart for keystroke shortcuts ( Alt + hot key) to get your spreadsheet basic commands quickly accomplished. [more…]

Common Editing Command Shortcuts in Excel 2007

As an alternative to using the ribbon in Excel 2007, these shortcut keystrokes (Alt + hot key) get you moving quickly through basic spreadsheet editing functions. [more…]

Excel 2007's Quick Data Analysis from the Status Bar

Excel 2007 can tell you quite a bit about a selected range of cells just from the status bar. When you select cells that have data in them, Excel's status bar can tell you some useful information about [more…]

Top Ten Features in Excel 2010

If you’re looking for a quick rundown on what’s cool in Excel 2010, look no further! Just a cursory glance down the list tells you that the thrust of the features is graphics, graphics, graphics! [more…]

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