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How to Import Online Data into Excel 2007 with a Web Query

In Excel 2007, you can use Web queries to import data directly from various Web pages that contain financial and other types of statistical data that you need to work with in a worksheet. To create a new [more…]

How to Add Records to an Excel 2007 Table

After you’ve created an Excel 2007 table (using the Table button on the Insert tab), you can choose from several methods for adding records to the table. Before you add records, the range must already [more…]

How to Insert Symbols and Special Characters in Excel 2007

Excel 2007 makes it easy to enter symbols, such as foreign currency indicators, as well as special characters, like trademark and copyright symbols, into Excel's cells. These symbols are available in the [more…]

Selecting Cells in Excel 2007

Before you can enter your worksheet data in Microsoft Office Excel 2007, you must know how to select cells in a worksheet. The cell cursor is a black border that surrounds the active cell [more…]

Using (or Disabling) Excel 2007's AutoComplete Feature

The AutoComplete feature in Office Excel 2007 anticipates what you might want to enter next based upon text you just entered, thus reducing errors and speeding up your work. AutoComplete comes into play [more…]

Speeding Data Entry with Excel 2007's AutoFill Feature

Use the AutoFill feature in Microsoft Office Excel 2007 to quickly create a series of entries based on the data you enter in one or two cells. Excel 2007's AutoFill works with days of the week, months [more…]

Tips and Tricks for Entering Data in Excel 2007

When you're ready to enter data to a worksheet in a Microsoft Excel 2007 workbook, there are a few simple guidelines (a kind of data-entry etiquette) that you should keep in mind: [more…]

How to Use Custom Lists with Excel 2007's AutoFill Feature

In Excel 2007, you can create a custom series of names, locations, or other items that you use frequently and then use the AutoFill handle to automatically fill these list items in order in a workbook. [more…]

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