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MS Excel

Adding Symbol Fonts to Your Excel Dashboards and Reports

A creative alternative to using the icon sets offered with conditional formatting is to use the various symbol fonts that come with Office. The symbol fonts are Wingdings, Wingdings2, Wingdings3, and Webdings [more…]

MS Excel

Great Online Resources for Excel Dashboards and Reports

You can learn a lot from the approaches other have taken to design their Excel dashboards and reporting mechanisms. Here is a list of sites (in no particular order) dedicated to business intelligence and [more…]

MS Excel

Excel Editing Shortcut Keys

A large part of the work you do in Excel is editing the cell contents in worksheets. To save time editing, learn the following Excel shortcuts, including the key combinations and their functions: [more…]

Macros & Programming in Excel

Excel 2007 VBA Programming Functions

Excel 2007 alone is a powerful tool for data analysis and number-crunching. But when you add VBA programming to your Excel workbooks and spreadsheets, your opportunities for transforming simple data into [more…]

Shortcuts in Excel

How to Access Common Excel 2007 File Commands

You can run Excel 2007's basic file commands in two different ways: by pressing a combination of shortcut keys or by clicking in the Excel Ribbon. The following chart shows some of the most common file [more…]

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