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Excel 2007’s Graphic Object Basics

Add graphic objects such as shapes, pictures, clip art, text boxes, WordArt, and SmartArt diagrams to add visual interest to Excel 2007 charts and worksheets. Excel supports two types of graphic objects [more…]

How to Work with the Drawing Canvas in Word 2016

Shapes and lines are a great way to illustrate ideas in Office 2016 documents. You can in effect doodle on the page and give readers another insight into what you want to explain. In Word 2016, however [more…]

How to Work with Text Boxes in Word 2016

Put text in a text box when you want a notice or announcement to stand out on a Word 2016 page. Like other objects, text boxes can be shaded, filled with color, and given borders, as the examples shown [more…]

How to Insert an Online Video into a Document in Word 2016

When words and pictures don't do the job, consider making video a part of your Word 2016 document with the Online Video command. This command establishes a link between your document and a video on the [more…]

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