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How to Embed and Link Data from Excel 2013 into Word 2013

Of all the Office 2013 programs (besides Excel 2013), Microsoft Word 2013 is the one that you are most apt to use. From time to time, you may need to bring some worksheet data or charts that you’ve created [more…]

How to Create Tables in Word 2013

In Word 2013, tables have an advantage over organizing information with rows and columns, courtesy of the Tab key. That’s because a table is considered its own document element, one that Word manipulates [more…]

Word 2013 Table Tricks and Tips

In Word 2013, text pours into a table on a cell-by-cell basis. You can type a word, sentence, or even a paragraph. All that text stays in the cell, though the cell changes size to accommodate larger quantities [more…]

How to Modify Tables in Word 2013

Most of the time, you’ll find that your Word 2013 table requires some adjustments, some formatting, or tines and tweaks to get things just right. That’s all possible, using the Table Tools tabs after the [more…]

Tech Terms to Know about Word 2013 Tables

Tables in Word 2013 help you present rows and columns of data in an orderly way. You can draw tables or create them by using a preset grid.

You can also dress up Word documents with a variety of graphics [more…]

How to Create a Table in Word 2013

Tables in Word 2013 are useful for displaying information in multicolumn layouts, such as address lists and schedules. You may be surprised at all the uses you can find for tables in your documents! A [more…]

How to Convert Text to a Table in Word

Word 2013 allows you to convert text to a table in with a few simple clicks — if you already have some text that’s separated into rows and columns with tabs, commas, or some other consistent character. [more…]

How to Select inside a Word Table

Working with a table in Word 2013 often involves selecting one or more cells, rows, or columns. Here are the many ways to do this: [more…]

How to Resize Table Rows and Columns in Word

Word 2013 table feature handles row height automatically for you, so you usually don’t have to think about it. The row height changes as needed to accommodate the font size of the text in the cells of [more…]

Quick Tips for Tables and Graphics in Word 2013

Word 2013 allows you to use tables to organize data. Here are some quick tips for doing almost anything you want to do with tables, pictures, and graphics in Word 2013: [more…]

Quick Tips for Formatting in Word 2013

Word 2013 provides several ways to format paragraphs and tables and to help automate formatting. Here some quick tips for working with alignment and formatting: [more…]

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