Printing in Word 2013

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How to Prepare Your Printer to Print Word 2013 Documents

Before you print a document from Word 2013, you will need to make sure that your printer is read for you. Follow these steps to ensure that the printer is ready to print: [more…]

How to Display the Date a Word 2013 Document is Printed

One of the date fields you can use in Word 2013 is PrintDate. This field reflects the current date (and time, if you like) that a document is printed. This may be a good idea for business documents, or [more…]

How to Preview Your Word 2013 Document before Printing

Before you print a Word 2013 document, preview the look of the final document. Yeah, even though your document is supposed to look the same on the screen as it does on paper, you may still see surprises [more…]

How to Print Your Word 2013 Document

Printing a Word 2013 document is easy to do. It just takes a quick moment to get everything ready for your print job. Just follow these easy steps to make your digital writing a reality: [more…]

How to Print a Specific Page in Word 2013

There may come a time when you don’t want to waste paper for that single page that you need to print. Luckily, Word 2013 gives you the option of printing a single page. Follow these steps to print only [more…]

How to Print a Block of Text in Word 2013

Word 2013 gives you many options for what you want your printed document to look like. After you mark a block of text onscreen, you can beg the Print command to print only that block. This allows you to [more…]

How to Cancel a Print Job in Word 2013

The fastest, easiest way to cancel a print job in Word 2013 is to rush up to the printer and touch the Cancel button. Sometimes, the button has a red X icon on it. Touch that button, and the printer will [more…]

How to Print a Sheet of Identical Labels in Word 2013

One thing Word 2013 does easily and reliably is print labels. You can print an entire sheet of identical labels to make for easy labeling and less writing. Just follow these steps: [more…]

How to Print Comments in Word 2013

You were probably surprised. You went to print your Word 2013 document and there on the page was your formatted text — and the silly comments. That’s probably not what you wanted. [more…]

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