Mail Merge in Word 2013

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How to Create a Recipient List in Word 2013

Unless you already have recipient lists built and saved in Word 2013, you need to make one from scratch. This process involves setting up the list, removing unneeded fields that Word annoyingly preselects [more…]

The Word 2013 Mail Merge Process

You can use information from the Outlook program, also a part of Microsoft Office, to work as a recipient list for a mail merge in Word. This trick works best, however, when you’re in a computer environment [more…]

How to Create Mail Merge Email Messages in Word 2013

Word 2013 lets you spew out custom email messages by using the E-Mail option for mail merge. This option works only when you configure the Microsoft Outlook program on your computer. After that’s done, [more…]

How to Create a Mail Merge Envelope Template in Word 2013

To create a stack of mail merge envelopes in Word 2013, which is far more classy and professional than using peel-and-stick mailing labels, and a timesaver, abide by the following steps: [more…]

How to Use Outlook Contacts as the Recipient List for a Word 2013 Mail Merge

Assuming that you use Microsoft Outlook as your e-mail program or contact manager and Word 2013, and assuming that it contains information you want to use in a mail merge, you can follow these steps to [more…]

How to Edit a Recipient List in Word 2013

If you’re like most, you sometimes have One Of Those Days and forget to add a record or field to your recipient list in Word 2013. When that happens, you need to edit the recipient list. Such torture involves [more…]

How to Fold in the Fields on a Recipient List in Word 2013

A main document and a handy recipient list in Word 2013are two separate things. To make them work together, and make the mail merge happen, you must mix the two. This process involves inserting fields [more…]

How to Print an Address List in Word 2013

Word 2013 can take a list of names and addresses and print them all, or a selected few, on a sheet of labels. This trick is more of a mail-merge feature than a true label-making ability. Follow these steps [more…]

How to Add Graphics to Labels in Word 2013

It's possible to add a graphical image to a mailing label in Word 2013. You can do it to a sheet of labels that are identical or when you’re merging names from an address list. [more…]

How to Preview a Merged Document in Word 2013

You should use the Preview Results command in Word 2013to ensure that your final, merged document looks good and doesn’t require changes before it’s officially merged. Here’s how to work things: [more…]

How to Merge to the Printer in Word 2013

Word 2013 offers many options for merging documents. But, the most common destination for merged documents is the printer. Make sure you have checked your document to ensure there are no mistakes or errors [more…]

How to Merge to Outlook E-Mail in Word 2013

There are many merging options available in Word 2013. One of these options is to merge to e-mail when necessary. To send out multiple e-mail messages, abide by these steps: [more…]

How to Print a Sheet of Identical Labels in Word 2013

One thing Word 2013 does easily and reliably is print labels. You can print an entire sheet of identical labels to make for easy labeling and less writing. Just follow these steps: [more…]

Create a Mail Merge Letter in Word 2013

The most common thing to mail merge in Word 2013 is the standard, annoying form letter. However annoying it is, knowing how to create one will come in handy. Here’s how you start that journey: [more…]

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