Formatting Word 2013 Lists

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How to Make Lists with Bullets and Numbers in Word 2013

Whenever you have more than two items to describe in your Word 2013 document, consider creating a list. To draw attention to such a list, to call it out from the rest of your text, you can try hanging [more…]

How to Build an Index in Word 2013

A handy feature in Word 2013 is the ability to build an index. An index is a reference list like a table of contents, but with more detail and at the opposite end of the document. Also, the index is organized [more…]

How to Create a Table of Contents in Word 2013

One helpful example of how computers can save you time is to let Word 2013 create a table of contents (TOC) from your document. No, there’s no need to manually type a TOC. As long as you use the built-in [more…]

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