Drawings & Graphics in Word 2013

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How to Draw Lines, Borders, and Boxes in Word 2013

Here a line. There a line. Everywhere a line-line. Among its many features, Word 2013 gives you options to play with lines, borders and boxes. There are various ways to apply lines, borders, and boxes [more…]

How to Insert a Shape into a Word 2013 Document

Word 2013 comes with a library of common shapes ready to insert into your document. Graphics professionals call the shapes line art. You can call forth line art into your document by following these steps [more…]

How to Insert Images In and Around Text in a Word 2013 Document

You can place graphics into your Word 2013 document in three different ways. Each of these ways to place an image features various options, which help you create the look you want. The options are found [more…]

How to Edit Images in a Word 2013 Document

Prepare your images before you slap them down in Word 2013. That’s because Word lets you work with and edit graphics, even though it’s not a graphics program. Still, Word offers some touch-up features [more…]

How to Organize Images in a Word 2013 Document

When things grow complicated with your document’s graphics in Word 2013, you enter the realm of image organization. Multiple images often require positioning, aligning, arranging, and grouping into a unit [more…]

How to Insert a Picture into a Word 2013 Document

The most common type of graphical goober you stick into a Word 2013 document is a picture. Assuming that the image exists and you know where to find it on your computer, you can follow these steps to plop [more…]

How to Insert a Clip Art into a Word 2013 Document

Clip art is a collection of images in Word 2013, both line art and pictures, that you’re free to use in your documents. Inserting a clip art image works much like inserting a graphics image, except that [more…]

How to Insert a Caption into a Word 2013 Document

Some graphics in Word 2013 are used as text decorations, other graphics are extensions of your text. To best reference such an image, you should add a caption. The caption’s text can identify the image [more…]

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