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How to Create Mail Merge Email Messages in Word 2013

Word 2013 lets you spew out custom email messages by using the E-Mail option for mail merge. This option works only when you configure the Microsoft Outlook program on your computer. After that’s done, [more…]

How to Create a Mail Merge Envelope Template in Word 2013

To create a stack of mail merge envelopes in Word 2013, which is far more classy and professional than using peel-and-stick mailing labels, and a timesaver, abide by the following steps: [more…]

How to Use Outlook Contacts as the Recipient List for a Word 2013 Mail Merge

Assuming that you use Microsoft Outlook as your e-mail program or contact manager and Word 2013, and assuming that it contains information you want to use in a mail merge, you can follow these steps to [more…]

How to Edit a Recipient List in Word 2013

If you’re like most, you sometimes have One Of Those Days and forget to add a record or field to your recipient list in Word 2013. When that happens, you need to edit the recipient list. Such torture involves [more…]

How to Fold in the Fields on a Recipient List in Word 2013

A main document and a handy recipient list in Word 2013are two separate things. To make them work together, and make the mail merge happen, you must mix the two. This process involves inserting fields [more…]

How to Find Text in Word 2013

Finding text is the domain of the Editing group in Word 2013, found on the far right end of the Home tab on Word's Ribbon interface. The Editing command button group may appear in its full glory, or, when [more…]

How to Use the Quick Access Bar in Word 2013

Though Word 2012 isn’t quite as flexible with toolbars, it still allows you to control a few specific parts of the Quick Access Bar. Back in the old days, you could really mess with the way the Word window [more…]

How to Build Fractions in Word 2013

The AutoCorrect feature in Word 2013 can build common fractions for you. Actually, it doesn't build them as much as it pulls them from a set of existing fraction [more…]

How to Select a Long Chunk of Text in Word 2013

Here’s the best way to select a chunk of text of any size, especially when that chunk of text is larger than what you can see on the screen at one time: [more…]

How to Save a Document the First Time in Word 2013

Don’t think that you have to wait until you finish a document in Word 2013 to save it. In fact, you should save almost immediately — as soon as you have a few sentences or paragraphs. Save! Save! Save! [more…]

How to Use the Open Command in Word 2013

Open is the standard computer command in Word 2013 used to fetch a document that already exists on the computer’s storage system. You use Open to hunt down documents that were previously saved and open [more…]

How to Open One Document Inside Another in Word 2013

It’s possible in Word 2013 to open one document inside of another. Doing so isn’t as rare as you’d think. For example, you may have your biography, résumé, or curriculum vitae in a file on disk and want [more…]

How to Recover a Draft in Word 2013

Computers crash. Users forget to save in a pinch. Or perhaps another type of disaster has befallen your unsaved Word 2013 document. When the planets are properly aligned and the word processing gods are [more…]

How to Preview Your Word 2013 Document before Printing

Before you print a Word 2013 document, preview the look of the final document. Yeah, even though your document is supposed to look the same on the screen as it does on paper, you may still see surprises [more…]

How to Print Your Word 2013 Document

Printing a Word 2013 document is easy to do. It just takes a quick moment to get everything ready for your print job. Just follow these easy steps to make your digital writing a reality: [more…]

How to Print a Specific Page in Word 2013

There may come a time when you don’t want to waste paper for that single page that you need to print. Luckily, Word 2013 gives you the option of printing a single page. Follow these steps to print only [more…]

How to Print a Block of Text in Word 2013

Word 2013 gives you many options for what you want your printed document to look like. After you mark a block of text onscreen, you can beg the Print command to print only that block. This allows you to [more…]

How to Cancel a Print Job in Word 2013

The fastest, easiest way to cancel a print job in Word 2013 is to rush up to the printer and touch the Cancel button. Sometimes, the button has a red X icon on it. Touch that button, and the printer will [more…]

How to Format and Make a Style in Word 2013

The easiest way to make up a new style in Word 2013 is to use all your formatting skills and power to format a single paragraph just the way you like. Then create the style based on that formatted paragraph [more…]

How to Create a Style from Scratch in Word 2013

Word 2013 gives you the option of creating a style from scratch if you need something that is not offered in the default styles. If you’re up to it, heed these steps to conjure a style from nothingness [more…]

How to Modify a Style in Word 2013

Just as fashion styles change, you may need to change styles in your Word 2013 document. Nothing is wrong with that. In fact, by changing a style, you demonstrate the power of Word: Changing a style once [more…]

How to Print an Address List in Word 2013

Word 2013 can take a list of names and addresses and print them all, or a selected few, on a sheet of labels. This trick is more of a mail-merge feature than a true label-making ability. Follow these steps [more…]

How to Assign a Shortcut Key to Your Modified Style in Word 2013

Style shortcut keys make formatting in Word 2013 even better because pressing Alt+Shift+T to apply the TextBody style is often faster than messing with the Style Gallery or the various task panes. [more…]

How to Create a Template Based on an Existing Document in Word 2013

Rome wasn’t built in a day, but building your own document template in Word 2013 can take even less time. That’s because you can easily create a template based on a document you’ve already slaved over. [more…]

How to Apply Fun Text Effects in Word 2013

There's a fuzzy button in the Home tab’s Font group in Word 2013. It looks like a big A, and it’s one of those menu button items that dot the Ribbon like ticks on the back of an Alabama hound dog. Regardless [more…]

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