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Inserting Special Characters in Word 2010

Once in a while, you might need to insert an unusual character or symbol into your Word 2010 document. For those special times, refer to the following table. [more…]

How to Format Characters in Word 2010

The most basic element you can format in a Word 2010 document is text — the letters, numbers, and characters you type. You can format your Word document's text to be bold, underlined, italicized, little [more…]

How to Use Word 2010 Text Effects

To apply some interesting and nonstardard text effects to your Word 2010 document, simply choose one from the Text Effects button menu. Word applies the effect you choose to any new text you type or any [more…]

How to Disable Word 2010's AutoFormat Features

Sometimes you want to disable Word 2010's AutoFormat (which controls some minor text formatting while you type). Disabling Word's annoying (to some) habit of changing all Web addresses to hyperlinks, for [more…]

How to Insert Special Characters and Symbols in Word 2010

Word 2010 lets you sprinkle characters beyond the keyboard's 26 letters of the alphabet, numbers, a smattering of symbols, and punctuation thingies. For example, Word provides foreign language letters [more…]

How to Build Fractions in Word 2010

Word 2010's AutoCorrect feature can build common fractions for you. Actually, Word doesn't build fractions as much as it pulls them from a set of existing fraction [more…]

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