Opening, Saving & Converting Word 2010 Documents

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How to Start a New Word 2010 Document

When you start your word processing day, Word 2010 automatically presents you with a blank document in which you can start writing. After Word has already started and you’re ready to begin another new [more…]

How to Save a Document in Word 2010

The most important thing you can do to a Word 2010 document is save it. Create a permanent copy of what you see onscreen by saving the Word document as a file on the PC’s storage system. That way, you [more…]

How to Close a Word 2010 Document

Closing a Word 2010 document when you're finished working with it is simple. When you're done writing a Word document, you just need to do the electronic equivalent of putting it away. That electronic [more…]

How to Open a Non-Word Document in Word 2010

The Word document format is popular, but it's not the only word processing document format available. Word 2010 accepts these formats and allows you to save your documents in those formats, if you want [more…]

How to Convert an Older Word Document to Word 2010 Format

Word 2010 easily opens documents created by older versions of the program. It even saves them in the older Word formats, so normally nothing goes wrong. But certain features available to newer Word documents [more…]

How to Lock a Word 2010 Document

When you really, really don’t want anyone messing with your Word 2010 document, you can apply some protection by locking your document. Word offers several levels of protection, all of which you can access [more…]

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