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How to Organize a Large Document in Word 2010

Try to keep your documents small when you work in Word 2010. When the time comes to create a large Word document, such as a multichapter book or an extremely long paper [more…]

How to Add Comments in a Word 2010 Document

You can use Word 2010’s comment feature to add notes within a Word document. To shove a comment into your document, you need to follow a few easy steps. [more…]

How to Compare Two Versions of the Same Word 2010 Document

You have the original copy of your Word 2010 document — the stuff you wrote. You also have the copy that Barbara, your editor, has worked on for a week or so. Both Word documents have different names, [more…]

How to Lock a Word 2010 Document

When you really, really don’t want anyone messing with your Word 2010 document, you can apply some protection by locking your document. Word offers several levels of protection, all of which you can access [more…]

How to Make a Macro in Word 2010

A macro is a teensy program you can write in Word 2010 that automates things, such as repetitive keystrokes or tasks. You start making a macro by recording it. [more…]

How to Review Changes in a Word 2010 Document

Word 2010 allows you and other users to make changes to a document, using revision marks. Of course, you want to scrutinize every change made to your Word document. Word makes the task easy, thanks to [more…]

How to Remove Words from the Word 2010 Custom Dictionary

Word 2010's Add to Dictionary command adds words to Word’s custom dictionary, which is a supplemental list of spelled-correctly words used to proof a document. Recognizing that people may change their [more…]

How to Undo the Ignore All Command in Word 2010

The Ignore All command in Word 2010's spell-checker’s right-click menu can help you deal when Word wrongly identifies something as misspelled. But what if you select Ignore All and then realize the word [more…]

How to Find Text in Word 2010 Based on Formatting

Word 2010's Find command can scour your document for formatting information. For example, if you want to find only those instances of the word lie in boldface type, you can do that. Search for any of Word's [more…]

How to Use Word 2010 Views to Manage Documents

Backstage View gives you lots of options for handling Word 2010 documents - from creating new documents to opening, saving, protecting, and printing your work. You can see a list of recent documents, convert [more…]
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