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How to Put a Border around a Page of a Word 2010 Document

Word 2010 borders are popular for pages, as well as for paragraphs, although this Word application can often be frustrating because the border may not print completely. Here's a solution to the putting-a-border-around-a-page-of-text [more…]

Mail Merge

How to Create and Print a Word 2010 Mail Merge Letter

In Word 2010, mail merging involves opening a single Word document, stirring in a list of names and other information, and then combining (merging) everything. The most common thing to mail-merge is the [more…]


How to Find Text in Word 2010 Based on Formatting

Word 2010's Find command can scour your document for formatting information. For example, if you want to find only those instances of the word lie in boldface type, you can do that. Search for any of Word's [more…]

Drawings & Graphics

How to Unlink an Image from the Surrounding Text in Word 2010

In Word 2010, most images stay with the text they're near. When you edit text in your Word document, the image shuffles up or down on the page to be near the original text it was placed in. But you can [more…]


Formatting with Styles and Templates in Word 2010

Microsoft Word's styles allow you to choose fonts, type size, and more with one click instead of manually manipulating your text. If you want to format an entire document, consider using one of Word's [more…]
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