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Inserting Special Characters in Word 2010

Once in a while, you might need to insert an unusual character or symbol into your Word 2010 document. For those special times, refer to the following table. [more…]

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How to Start Microsoft Word 2010

You can start Word 2010 in a number of ways, then create documents to your heart's content. But before you can start Word, your computer must be on and toasty. After you log into Windows, you can get Word [more…]

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How to Quit Microsoft Word 2010

Just as you have many ways to start Word 2010, you can quit Word in several ways. You can quit the program outright, you can pause and start over, or you can set Word aside. [more…]

Getting Started

How to Move the Insertion Pointer in Word 2010

When you use Word 2010, you can edit any part of your document. But you need to know how to move Word's insertion pointer to the exact spot you want. The easiest way to put the insertion pointer exactly [more…]


How to Remove Text from a Word 2010 Document

You both create and destroy text in Word 2010 by using the computer keyboard. Word uses two keys to delete text: Backspace and Delete. How these keys work, and how much of your text they can delete, depends [more…]

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