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How to Draw a Table Line by Line in Word 2007

The Draw Table command lets you draw complicated tables in your Word 2007 documents by using a simple set of drawing tools. This command is ideal for creating tables that aren’t a simple grid of rows and [more…]

Creating a Table of Contents in Word 2007

Word 2007 assembles a table of contents (TOC) for you by listing the headings (each with the page number) you designate throughout your document beforehand. Word takes care of counting pages, and even [more…]

How to Sort a Table in Word 2007

You can sort the data in your Word 2007 tables. This is useful if you want to present the data in sequence. For example, you might want to show a table that lists employees in order by the employees’ names [more…]

How to Remove Lines from a Word 2007 Table

You can use the Table Tools Design tab in Word 2007 to remove border lines from your tables. This is useful if you want a table without any lines, such as a one-column, two-row table to put a picture and [more…]

How to Adjust Column and Row Size in a Word 2007 Table

You can adjust the column and row sizes in your Word 2007 tables. The Columns dialog box lets you adjust column width and the space between columns. The Distribute commands ensure that your tables have [more…]

How to Paste an Excel Table in Word 2007

When you want to paste an Excel table into your Word 2007 document, you can use the Paste Special command to position the table in the document. [more…]

How to Change Text Alignment and Orientation in a Word 2007 Table

You can change text alignment and orientation in a Word 2007 table. Word makes it easy by including various commands in the Alignment group of the Tool Tables Layout tab on the Ribbon. [more…]

How to Delete a Table in Word 2007

You can completely remove a table from your Word 2007 document. Keep in mind that deleting the table deletes all of its contents as well. [more…]

How to Change a Word 2007 Table into Text

You can easily change a Word 2007 table into text. When you do, the Convert Table to Text dialog box allows you to fine-tune the results; for example, you can separate the final text with paragraph marks [more…]

How to Use the Word 2007 Table Tools Design Tab

You can use the Table Tools Design tab to quickly format your tables in Word 2007. To display the Table Tools Design tab, you simply select the table you want to edit. [more…]

How to Merge and Split Table Cells in Word 2007

You can merge and split cells in your Word 2007 tables. You can merge two or more cells in a table by simply erasing the line that separates them. To split one cell into two, you simply draw a line, horizontally [more…]

How to Add and Delete Cells, Columns, and Rows in a Word 2007 Table

You can add and delete cells, columns, and rows in your Word 2007 tables. Word makes this easy by offering various commands in the Rows & Columns group of the Table Tools Layout tab. [more…]

How to Insert a Blank Table in Word 2007

You can add a table to your Word 2007 document, using either a grid in a drop-down menu or a dialog box. The grid method is the fastest way to create a simple table, although it is limited to eight rows [more…]

Changing Text into a Word 2007 Table

Word 2007 makes it easy to organize data into a table. All you need is a tabbed list, and Word converts it instantly to a table, which you can then format the way you want. [more…]

Manipulating Lines in a Word 2007 Table

You can use the Table Tools Design tab in Word 2007 to change the appearance of lines, or borders, in your tables. After you add lines, you can format their styles, weights, and colors. [more…]

How to Navigate a Word 2007 Table

You can move from cell to cell in a Word 2007 table by using keyboard shortcuts and mouse actions, simplifying navigation with the following “leaps”: [more…]

How to Create Macros in Word 2007


How to Convert Text to Table in Word 2007

Preparing tables in Word 2007 starts with formatting text for easy conversion to a table. This video shows you how to organize information and convert formatted text to a table within a Word document. [more…]

How to Create Columns of Text in Word 2007

Creating columns within a Word 2007 document changes the layout of your text. You can select the number of columns you want and format the columns within Word's Page Setup group under the Page Layout menu [more…]

How to Create Tables in Word 2007

Microsoft Word 2007 enables you to add tables to your documents and to choose the number of columns and rows you prefer. You can change the appearance of your table with design options that customize formatting [more…]

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