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How to Create a Theme in Word 2007

Although you can't really create your own themes from scratch, Word 2007 offers many built-in themes that you can modify to suit your needs. A broad range of themes enables you to mix and match different [more…]

How to Create a Template Based on a Word 2007 Document

Word 2007 makes it easy to build your own document template, by basing it on an existing document. This means that you don’t have to re-create the same document and the same formats over and over again [more…]

How to Apply a Theme to a Word 2007 Document

You can apply built-in and custom themes to your Word 2007 documents. Because you can use only one theme at a time, choosing a new theme replaces the current theme. [more…]

How to Use Themes in Word 2007

Themes are sets of styles that were created by graphic designers to give your Word 2007 documents a unified and professional look. You can use themes to quickly and easily apply consistent colors, fonts [more…]

How to Modify a Theme in Word 2007

You can modify a built-in or custom theme in Word 2007 to suit your needs. You can mix and match different fonts, colors, and effects to create the look you want. [more…]

How to Choose a Theme for Your Word 2007 Document

Word 2007's built-in themes enable you to pick coordinated colors, fonts, and formatting effects for variations in your Word documents. The same customization can be applied to multiple documents, such [more…]

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