Formatting in Word 2007

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How to Add Color to Your Text in Word 2007

The Font Color button in Word 2007 lets you add color to text in your documents. You can use the default color chosen by Word, or choose your own color to apply. Color can add personality to your correspondence [more…]

How to Insert Special Characters in Word 2007

With the Word 2007 update, you get access to some pretty special characters. They’ve been available in earlier versions of Word, but not all of them have had their own shortcut keys. The following list [more…]

How to Display the Style Area Pane in Word 2007

The area on the left side of a Word 2007 document that reveals the paragraph styles is called the Style Area pane. Whether or not the Style Area pane is displayed is dictated by a setting in the Word application [more…]

How to Create a Word 2007 Document with a Different First Page Header

Microsoft Word 2007 has many customizable features. Most people don't want the header or footer on the first page, which is usually the title page or a cover page. In Word 2007 suppressing the header for [more…]

How to Create Macros in Word 2007: Audio Transcript


How to Choose a Theme for Your Word 2007 Document

Word 2007's built-in themes enable you to pick coordinated colors, fonts, and formatting effects for variations in your Word documents. The same customization can be applied to multiple documents, such [more…]

How to Format a Paragraph in Word 2007

Paragraph Formatting in Word 2007 gives you options for adjusting line spacing and indentation in your Word documents. This video shows you how to indent paragraphs and style text to appear centered, flush [more…]

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