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How to Attach a New Template to a Word 2007 Document

All Word 2007 documents have templates attached to them. Choose the template when the document is first created or you just create a new document, in which case the NORMAL.DOTM template is used. You can [more…]

How to Modify an Existing Template in Word 2007

You can modify a Word 2007 template in two ways: You can either make changes directly in the template, or you can modify it indirectly by making changes to a document that is based on the template. The [more…]

How to Create a Word 2007 Template from Scratch

Before you begin a project using Word 2007, you can create a new template for it. Your template may only be a guess as to what styles you’ll want, but it's enough to get you started and save you time for [more…]

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