Editing Word 2007 Documents

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Proofing a Whole Word 2007 Document

When finalizing your Word 2007 document, proof it to catch text or formatting errors. Word offers a numbers of proofing tools, including a spelling and grammar check, viewing styles, and using Print Preview [more…]

How to Remove Commands from the Word 2007 Quick Access Toolbar

You can remove a command from the Word 2007 Quick Access toolbar as easily as you add it. There are two ways to do this. The easiest way is to right-click its button. Then, from the pop-up menu, choose [more…]

How to Apply Quick Styles in Word 2007

When you use Quick Styles in Word 2007, you don't have to bother yourself with any text or paragraph formatting. Simply choose the Quick Style, and the text size, font, attributes, and paragraph formatting [more…]

How to Customize Tracked Changes Views in Word 2007

When you use the Word 2007 Track Changes feature to monitor who makes additions and deletions in a document, you can customize Word to show these changes in different ways. Take advantage of how you can [more…]

Updating a Word 2007 Index

Making changes in Word document means the index is likely to change, too. Fortunately, Word 2007 can help you keep your index up to date. [more…]

The Basics of the Word 2007 Quick Access Toolbar

You may want immediate access to certain commands that are now buried somewhere in the Word 2007 Ribbon. Enter the Quick Access toolbar, which can be customized to your heart's content. [more…]

How to Update Older Word Documents in Word 2007

Word 2007 easily updates documents created by older versions of Word. This ensures that certain features available to Word 2007 documents, such as Quick Styles and themes, become available to these files [more…]

Collect and Paste from the Clipboard in Word 2007

In Word 2007, the Clipboard (a Windows storage area) can now hold multiple copied items at time, so you can “collect and paste” — copy, copy, copy, and then use a special Clipboard view pane to selectively [more…]

How to Create a Word 2007 Macro

The easiest way to create a macro in Word 2007 is to use the macro recorder. After you turn on the macro recorder, it makes a precise record of everything you do in Word until you turn off the recorder [more…]

How to Edit Headers and Footers in Word 2007

Headers appear at the top of a page and footers appear at the bottom. This video shows you how to create, edit, and remove header and footer text in a Word 2007 document, and provides an overview of the [more…]

How to Track Changes in a Word 2007 Document

The Microsoft Word 2007 track changes function enables others to see edits you make to documents. This video shows how to turn on track changes, accept or reject changes in a Word document, and choose [more…]

How to Make Multiple Changes at Once with Word 2007 Themes

Changing the way your overall Word 2007 document looks is as easy as applying a new Theme to revise fonts, colors, and formatting or attaching a preset template. Single elements, such as fonts, can be [more…]

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