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Create Greeting Cards in Microsoft Word 2003

If you want to create something in Word that will just dazzle someone, try your hand at customized greeting cards. To set up Word to create a greeting card from a single sheet of standard letter-size paper [more…]

Translating Word 2003 Features to Word 2007

Word 2007 has just as many features as Word 2003 and maybe a few more. But if you're used to Word 2003, you may want the help offered in the following table to convert Word 2003 commands to ones Word 2007 [more…]

Automatically Fill In Words with Word 2003 AutoText

The AutoText feature in Word 2003 automatically finishes writing words that you've started to spell. Say that you're writing the Next Great American Novel featuring Christopher as your hero. Instead of [more…]

How to AutoSummarize a Word 2003 Document

The AutoSummarize tool in Word 2003 automatically summarizes a document by fishing out all the key points. AutoSummarize then highlights the critical information on the screen, creates a summary to appear [more…]

How to Automatically Save a Word 2003 Document

Use the Word 2003 AutoRecover feature to ensure that you always have a saved copy of your documents. AutoRecover secretly saves your document every few minutes or so, without your having to do anything [more…]

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