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How to Spell-Check Your PowerPoint 2013 Presentation After-the-Fact

If you prefer to ignore the constant nagging by PowerPoint 2013 about your spelling, you can always check your spelling the old-fashioned way: by running the spell checker after you finish your document [more…]

How to Add an Extra Notes Page for a PowerPoint 2013 Slide

PowerPoint 2013 doesn’t provide a way to add more than one page of notes for each slide. However, these steps show you a trick that accomplishes essentially the same thing: [more…]

How to Create a Custom Show in PowerPoint 2013

The Custom Shows feature in PowerPoint 2013 lets you create several similar slide shows stored in a single presentation file. For example, suppose that you’re asked to give presentations about company [more…]

How to Show Your PowerPoint 2013 Presentation Online

PowerPoint 2013 includes a new online presentation feature that makes it ridiculously easy to share your presentation with other people remotely over the Internet. To use it, simply follow these steps: [more…]

How to Add a Hyperlink to Another PowerPoint 2013 Slide

In PowerPoint 2013, a hyperlink is simply a bit of text or a graphic image that you can click when viewing a slide to summon another slide, another presentation, or perhaps some other type of document, [more…]

The Quick Way to Print a PowerPoint 2013 Presentation

Don’t worry — when you print a PowerPoint 2013 presentation, no one’s waiting to ambush you with annoying one-liners like that guy who used to be on Saturday Night Live. [more…]

How to Change PowerPoint 2013 Slide Size

The Customize group of the PowerPoint 2013 Design ribbon tab includes a Slide Size control that lets you change the size of the slide from standard to widescreen. You should use widescreen only if you [more…]

Ten Tips for Creating Readable PowerPoint 2013 Slides

The following is a list of a few random tips and pointers that will help you produce readable slides in PowerPoint 2013. Your primary concern is that your slides are readable and understandable for everyone [more…]

Ten Ways to Keep Your PowerPoint 2013 Audience Awake

If you have an audience for your PowerPoint 2013 presentation, you want them to be entertained — or at least engaged. Nothing frightens a public speaker more than the prospect of the audience falling asleep [more…]

How to Create a Hyperlink to Another PowerPoint 2013 Presentation or Website

Hyperlinks in PowerPoint 2013 are not limited to slides in the current presentation. Hyperlinks can lead to other presentations. When you use this kind of hyperlink, a person viewing the slide show clicks [more…]

How to Share a PowerPoint 2013 Presentation in the Cloud

Microsoft has integrated cloud computing into PowerPoint 2013 by providing its own dedicated cloud storage resource, called SkyDrive, and designating it as one of the primary places you can store your [more…]

How to Share a PowerPoint 2013 Presentation with Other Users

You can easily share a PowerPoint 2013 presentation with a friend or colleague by sending an invitation via e-mail. The invitation e-mail will include a link that will open the presentation in a web-based [more…]

Send PowerPoint 2013 Slides for Review via E-Mail

An easy way to share a PowerPoint 2013 presentation with colleagues is to simply e-mail them a copy of the presentation. PowerPoint includes a built-in feature for doing that. Here are the steps: [more…]

How to Use Comments in PowerPoint 2013

One of the best ways to collaborate on a PowerPoint 2013 presentation is by adding comments to a presentation. A comment is a lot like a sticky note. The beauty of comments is that you can turn them on [more…]

How to Steal Slides from Another PowerPoint 2013 Presentation

Stealing slides from another PowerPoint 2013 presentation isn’t a serious crime. In fact, Microsoft provides a special command on the Insert tab on the Ribbon to let you do it. Here are the steps: [more…]

How to Save PowerPoint 2013 Slides in a Slide Library

If you’re lucky enough to work at a company that uses SharePoint, you have several additional PowerPoint 2013 features at your disposal. One of the most useful is the capability to create and use [more…]

How to Steal PowerPoint 2013 Slides from a Slide Library

Slide libraries, a new feature with PowerPoint 2013 are special types of document folders that store individual slides, not whole documents. To incorporate a slide from a SharePoint slide library into [more…]

Ten PowerPoint 2013 Commandments

And so it came to pass that these ten PowerPoint 2013 commandments were passed down from generation to generation. Obey these commandments and it shall go well with you, with your computer, and yea even [more…]

How to Compare PowerPoint 2013 Presentations

The Compare feature in PowerPoint 2013 lets you compare the differences between two versions of a presentation and accept or reject the differences. This feature is useful if you’ve sent a copy of the [more…]

How to Create a Navigational Toolbar in PowerPoint 2013

Grouping action buttons into a navigation toolbar makes a PowerPoint 2013 slide show easy to navigate. You can add a set of navigation buttons to the bottom of your Slide Master. To create a navigation [more…]

Create Word Handouts from PowerPoint 2013 Presentations

You can use the Create Handouts command in PowerPoint 2013 to create a Word document that you can then print and distribute to your audience. Using this feature is simple; just follow these steps: [more…]

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