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How to Draw a Curved Line or Shape in PowerPoint 2013

A useful drawing tool in PowerPoint 2013 is the Curve Shape tool, which lets you draw curved lines or shapes. Here’s the procedure for drawing a curved line or shape: [more…]

How to Add a Hyperlink to Another PowerPoint 2013 Slide

In PowerPoint 2013, a hyperlink is simply a bit of text or a graphic image that you can click when viewing a slide to summon another slide, another presentation, or perhaps some other type of document, [more…]

How to Change the Chart Layout in PowerPoint 2013

A chart layout is a predefined combination of chart elements such as legends, titles, and so on. You can easily change the layout of your charts in PowerPoint 2013. Microsoft studied thousands of charts [more…]

How to Change a Chart's Style in PowerPoint 2013

A chart style is a predefined combination of formatting elements such as colors and shape effects. For PowerPoint 2013, Microsoft provides a large assortment of chart styles to choose from. [more…]

How to Create a SmartArt Diagram in PowerPoint 2013

The easiest way to create a SmartArt diagram in PowerPoint 2013 is to create a new slide and enter the bullet list as if you were going to display the list as normal text and then convert the text to SmartArt [more…]

How to Create Flowcharts in PowerPoint 2013

One type of diagram that people often want to create with PowerPoint 2013 is a flowchart. Although SmartArt doesn’t have an option for creating flowcharts, you can easily create flowcharts by using PowerPoint’s [more…]

How to Insert an Audio Sound Object into a PowerPoint 2013 Slide

You can configure a sound object to play automatically whenever you display a PowerPoint 2013 slide, or you can set it up so that it will play only when you click the sound object’s icon. Note that if [more…]

How to Add Video to Your PowerPoint 2013 Slides

Adding a movie motion clip to a PowerPoint 2013 slide is similar to adding a sound clip. A crucial difference exists, however, between motion clips and sound bites: Video is meant to be [more…]

How to Add a Bookmark to a Video in PowerPoint 2013

A bookmark is a marked location within the playback of a video file in PowerPoint 2013 that can be used to trigger an animation effect. Here are the steps for creating a video bookmark and animating an [more…]

How to Use the Draw Table Command in PowerPoint 2013

The Draw Table command in PowerPoint 2013 lets you draw complicated tables onscreen by using a simple set of drawing tools. This command is ideal for creating tables that are not a simple grid of rows [more…]

How to Insert WordArt into a PowerPoint 2013 Slide

WordArt appears on the Insert tab on the Ribbon in PowerPoint 2013, which provides a convenient way to insert a text box with text that is already formatted with WordArt formatting. [more…]

How to Create Numbered Lists on Your PowerPoint 2013 Slides

If you want your PowerPoint 2013 slide to include a numbered list, use the Numbering button, which appears next to the Bullets button on the Home tab. When you click the Numbering button, PowerPoint adds [more…]

The Quick Way to Print a PowerPoint 2013 Presentation

Don’t worry — when you print a PowerPoint 2013 presentation, no one’s waiting to ambush you with annoying one-liners like that guy who used to be on Saturday Night Live. [more…]

The Animations Tab in PowerPoint 2013

Besides slide transitions, the most common type of animation in PowerPoint 2013 is adding entrance and exit effects to the text that appears on the slide. This effect is especially useful for bullet lists [more…]

Custom Animation in PowerPoint 2013

Custom animation is the nitty-gritty of PowerPoint 2013 animation. Custom animation is the only way to apply text animation that’s more complicated than the predefined Fade, Wipe, or Fly In styles of the [more…]

How to Time Animations in PowerPoint 2013

Most animations in PowerPoint 2013 are initiated by mouse clicks. However, you can set up several animations to activate automatically — in sequence or all at the same time. To do so, you must use PowerPoint’s [more…]

How to Change PowerPoint 2013 Slide Size

The Customize group of the PowerPoint 2013 Design ribbon tab includes a Slide Size control that lets you change the size of the slide from standard to widescreen. You should use widescreen only if you [more…]

How to Change the Look of Text in PowerPoint 2013

The theme that’s applied to your PowerPoint 2013 presentation determines the basic look of the presentation’s text. However, you’ll often want to change that look, sometimes subtly and sometimes dramatically [more…]

How to Create Bullet Lists on Your PowerPoint 2013 Slides

Most PowerPoint 2013 presentations have at least some slides that include a bulleted list, which is a series of paragraphs accented by special characters lovingly known as [more…]

Ten Tips for Creating Readable PowerPoint 2013 Slides

The following is a list of a few random tips and pointers that will help you produce readable slides in PowerPoint 2013. Your primary concern is that your slides are readable and understandable for everyone [more…]

Ten Ways to Keep Your PowerPoint 2013 Audience Awake

If you have an audience for your PowerPoint 2013 presentation, you want them to be entertained — or at least engaged. Nothing frightens a public speaker more than the prospect of the audience falling asleep [more…]

How to Apply Styles to Tables in PowerPoint 2013

After you’ve created a table in PowerPoint 2013, you can set its style by using the controls under Table Tools on the Ribbon. The easiest way to format a table is by applying one of PowerPoint’s predefined [more…]

How to Create a Hyperlink to Another PowerPoint 2013 Presentation or Website

Hyperlinks in PowerPoint 2013 are not limited to slides in the current presentation. Hyperlinks can lead to other presentations. When you use this kind of hyperlink, a person viewing the slide show clicks [more…]

How to Share a PowerPoint 2013 Presentation in the Cloud

Microsoft has integrated cloud computing into PowerPoint 2013 by providing its own dedicated cloud storage resource, called SkyDrive, and designating it as one of the primary places you can store your [more…]

How to Share a PowerPoint 2013 Presentation with Other Users

You can easily share a PowerPoint 2013 presentation with a friend or colleague by sending an invitation via e-mail. The invitation e-mail will include a link that will open the presentation in a web-based [more…]


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