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How to Add Comments to PowerPoint 2013 Presentations

A comment in PowerPoint 2013 is a lot like a sticky note. The beauty of comments is that you can turn them on and off. Therefore, you can view the comments while you’re editing your presentation, and you [more…]

9 Things That Often Go Wrong in PowerPoint 2013

The actual number of things that can go wrong when working with PowerPoint 2013 is probably closer to 10,000, but the following are among the things that go wrong most often. [more…]

How to Add Recurring Text or Other Elements in PowerPoint 2013

You can add several types of objects to the Slide Master in PowerPoint 2013. You can add clip art, pictures, or even a video or sound clip. Anything that you can add to an individual slide can be added [more…]

How to Create a Hyperlink to Another PowerPoint 2013 Slide

In PowerPoint 2013, a hyperlink is simply a bit of text or a graphic image that you can click when viewing a slide to summon another slide, another presentation, or perhaps some other type of document, [more…]

10 PowerPoint Problems and Repairs for What Can Go Wrong

Although the actual number of things that can go wrong when working with PowerPoint is probably closer to 10,000, the situation is rarely hopeless. Here are some possible stumbles . . . and some ways to [more…]

Use Slide Master to Repeat Images or Text in PowerPoint 2013

If you want to add recurring text — or some clever illustration — to each slide within your PowerPoint 2013 presentation, look to Slide Master for simple steps to success. Just follow this procedure: [more…]

How to Add Comments to a PowerPoint 2013 Presentation

Collaborating on a presentation created in PowerPoint 2013 can be as easy as adding comments. A comment is a lot like a sticky note. The beauty of PowerPoint comments is that you can turn them on and off [more…]

Taking Advantage of PowerPoint 2013 Formatting Shortcuts

If you're ready to format text in PowerPoint 2013, this table gets you on the road toward ooohs and aaahs of doing so.. If you use PowerPoint 2013 templates as the basis for your presentations, your text [more…]

Utilizing PowerPoint 2013 Editing Shortcuts

Like any good Windows program, PowerPoint uses the standard Undo, Cut, Copy, Paste, Select All, Find, and Replace commands. These commands work on text that you’ve selected, or if you’ve selected an entire [more…]

Getting to Know PowerPoint 2013 File and Document Shortcuts

There are a lot of things you can do with PowerPoint 2013, and having shortcuts for the things you do most often is very handy. Some of the things you’ll frequently do in PowerPoint include creating, saving [more…]

Understanding PowerPoint 2013 Slide Show Shortcuts

PowerPoint 2013 is designed to create slides that are presented directly on a screen rather than printed out. The screen can be your computer’s own monitor, a projector, or an external monitor, such as [more…]

PowerPoint 2013 For Dummies Cheat Sheet

PowerPoint 2013 is the most powerful presentation software available to create and edit slide show presentations for work, home, or school. PowerPoint 2013 offers a number of helpful keyboard shortcuts [more…]

Microsoft Office 2013 Keyboard Shortcuts

Microsoft Office 2013 provides hundreds of commands, but you'll likely only use a handful of those commands on a regular basis. To save time, use these Office 2013 keyboard shortcuts. With little effort [more…]

Microsoft Office 2013 Mouse Button Functions

You can control Microsoft Office 2013 with your mouse or your keyboard. The mouse actions in this table work whether you're using Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, or Outlook. [more…]

Microsoft Office 2013 Ribbon Tabs

Microsoft Office 2013 displays commands in a series of icons stored on different tabs. This combination of icons and tabs is known as the Ribbon interface, which appears in Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook [more…]

How to Change the PowerPoint 2013 Handout Master

The Handout and Notes Masters in PowerPoint 2013 contain formatting information that’s applied automatically to your presentation. Follow these simple steps to change the Handout Master: [more…]

How to Display Your PowerPoint 2013 Presentation

PowerPoint 2013 is a presentation program designed to work with a projector to display presentations that will bedazzle your audience members and instantly sway them to your point of view. You might want [more…]

How to Find Text in a PowerPoint 2013 Presentation

The Find command can find text buried in any text object on any slide. You know that buried somewhere in that 60-slide PowerPoint 2013 presentation about Configurable Snarfblats is a slide that lists the [more…]

How to Replace Text in a PowerPoint 2013 Presentation

You can use the handy Replace command in PowerPoint 2013 to change all occurrences of a word to phrase. Suppose that the Rent-a-Nerd company decides to switch to athletic consulting, so it wants to change [more…]

How to Spell-Check Your PowerPoint 2013 Presentation After-the-Fact

If you prefer to ignore the constant nagging by PowerPoint 2013 about your spelling, you can always check your spelling the old-fashioned way: by running the spell checker after you finish your document [more…]

How to Add an Extra Notes Page for a PowerPoint 2013 Slide

PowerPoint 2013 doesn’t provide a way to add more than one page of notes for each slide. However, these steps show you a trick that accomplishes essentially the same thing: [more…]

How to Create a Custom Show in PowerPoint 2013

The Custom Shows feature in PowerPoint 2013 lets you create several similar slide shows stored in a single presentation file. For example, suppose that you’re asked to give presentations about company [more…]

How to Show Your PowerPoint 2013 Presentation Online

PowerPoint 2013 includes a new online presentation feature that makes it ridiculously easy to share your presentation with other people remotely over the Internet. To use it, simply follow these steps: [more…]

How to Set Tabs and Indents in PowerPoint 2013 Presentations

PowerPoint 2013 enables you to set tab stops to control the placement of text within a text object. For most presentations, you don’t have to fuss with tabs. Each paragraph is indented according to its [more…]

How to Create Fancy Text in PowerPoint 2013 with WordArt

Previous versions of PowerPoint included a feature called WordArt that let you insert special objects that could incorporate fancy text effects, such as gradient fills or curved paths. For PowerPoint 2013 [more…]

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