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How to Zoom In and Out in a PowerPoint 2007 Slide

Enlarge or shrink PowerPoint slides and preserve your eyes. PowerPoint’s Zoom controls are located in the lower-right corner of the PowerPoint screen and on the View tab. The Zoom box tells you at what [more…]

How to Use Comments in Your PowerPoint 2007 Presentation

When reviewing a PowerPoint presentation, you can insert comments. PowerPoint lets you turn comments on and off. View the comments while you’re editing your PowerPoint presentation, and turn them off when [more…]

How to Create a Self-Running Presentation in PowerPoint 2007

Before you can self-run a presentation, you have to tell PowerPoint that you want it to self-run. Self-running PowerPoint presentations don’t have the control buttons in the lower-left corner. You can’t [more…]

How to Save Your PowerPoint 2007 Presentation

You’ve spent hours creating your Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 presentation, so now it’s time to save it. Like everything else in PowerPoint, there are several ways to save a document or presentation: [more…]

Rehearse Your Slide Timings in PowerPoint 2007

The PowerPoint Rehearsal feature helps you rehearse your PowerPoint presentation. The Rehearsal feature lets you know how long your presentation takes, and can set PowerPoint slide timings so that the [more…]

How to Close a PowerPoint 2007 Presentation

Closing a PowerPoint presentation is like putting it in a folder, and storing the folder in its proper drawer. There are three different ways to close a PowerPoint presentation: [more…]

Add a New Slide to Your PowerPoint 2007 Presentation

You can add a new PowerPoint slide to your presentation in many ways when you’re working with the PowerPoint outline. This list shows the most popular methods for adding a new slide to your presentation [more…]

Start or End a Self-Running PowerPoint 2007 Presentation

You’ve designed your PowerPoint slides and set your presentation to be a self-running presentation. Now What? PowerPoint provides these handy techniques for starting a self-running, kiosk-style presentation [more…]

How to Correct Capitalization in PowerPoint 2007

You want your PowerPoint presentation to be perfect. The PowerPoint Change Case command enables you to capitalize the text in your PowerPoint slides properly. Slide titles should almost always use title [more…]

Point with the Arrow While Showing Your PowerPoint 2007 Presentation

What do you want to do with the arrow pointer during a PowerPoint presentation? Most people opt not to show it because it’s a distraction. You can, however, display the arrow pointer and use it to point [more…]

How to Package Your PowerPoint 2007 Presentation on a CD

Sometimes you need to share a PowerPoint presentation with someone who doesn’t own a copy of PowerPoint. Fortunately, PowerPoint includes a Package for CD command that creates a CD that creates a CD with [more…]

Creating Distinctive Presentations in PowerPoint 2007

Content templates in PowerPoint 2007 enable you to create presentations easily — but using a template means that your presentation ends up looking similar in appearance and content to millions of others [more…]

Uses for Self-Running PowerPoint 2007 Presentations

Self-running, kiosk-style PowerPoint presentations usually fall into the show and tell category. These PowerPoint presentations can’t go into very much depth because, without a narrator, all descriptions [more…]

How to Close PowerPoint 2007

If your PowerPoint 2007 presentation is open, PowerPoint doesn’t let you exit without asking you to save your work. Use any of these techniques to shut down PowerPoint 2007: [more…]

How to Use Live Previewing in PowerPoint 2007

PowerPoint comes with live previewing. Thanks to live previewing, before actually applying a change to your PowerPoint slide you can see the results. To turn on PowerPoint live previewing, click the Office [more…]

Use PowerPoint 2007 Notes

PowerPoint Notes are like an adjunct attachment to your slides. They don’t appear on the PowerPoint slides themselves. Each slide in your PowerPoint presentation has its own page of notes that is displayed [more…]

Check Spelling As You Go in a PowerPoint 2007 Presentation

In a PowerPoint presentation, spelling errors are small only until you use a projector to throw your presentation onto a 30-foot screen. The PowerPoint spell checker doesn’t make you wait until you finish [more…]

PowerPoint 2007 Slide Show Shortcuts

During an on-screen slide show in PowerPoint 2007, try these keyboard shortcuts for some common commands and ease through your presentation. Just click to control your slide show in PowerPoint. [more…]

PowerPoint 2007 Presentation Commands and Shortcuts

When you’re giving a slide show presentation in PowerPoint, these options for performing commands and using shortcuts will help you work your way through your presentation with ease: [more…]

How to Create and Apply PowerPoint Templates

Creating a PowerPoint template allows you to control and change theme colors and fonts, effects, backgrounds, and specific layout elements in one place instead of on each individual slide. You don't need [more…]

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