Formatting Objects in PowerPoint 2007

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How to Insert a Movie from the Clip Organizer into a PowerPoint 2007 Slide

If you have movie clips stored on your computer, PowerPoint lets you insert the movie from the Clip Organizer into a PowerPoint slide. To add a movie from the Clip Organizer into your PowerPoint presentation [more…]

How to Distribute Objects Evenly in PowerPoint 2007 Slides

The PowerPoint Distribute Horizontally and Distribute Vertically commands come in handy for laying out objects on your PowerPoint slide. These PowerPoint commands arrange objects so that the same amount [more…]

How to Add Bulleted Lists to Diagrams in PowerPoint 2007

Some PowerPoint diagram shapes have built-in bulleted lists, but no matter whether a PowerPoint shape is prepared to be bulleted or not, you can enter bullets. Select a PowerPoint shape on the diagram [more…]

Line Up Objects on Your PowerPoint 2007 Slide

Lining up objects on a PowerPoint slide gives your presentation polish. The PowerPoint Drawing Tools tab enables you to line up your PowerPoint objects. To align your object, click the Drawing Tools tab [more…]

Draw on Your PowerPoint 2007 Slides

PowerPoint has powerful drawing tools for creating drawings on your PowerPoint slides. The following section include general tips for drawing pictures. [more…]

How to Attach Arrowheads to Lines in PowerPoint 2007 Slides

Using arrows on your PowerPoint slides is an easy way to indicate flow. PowerPoint offers arrowheads in different sizes and shapes. PowerPoint lets you attach arrowheads on either side or both sides of [more…]

How to Play a Track from a CD During Your PowerPoint 2007 Presentation

You aren’t limited to single sounds in your PowerPoint presentations. PowerPoint can also tell your CD player to play tracks. To access a CD in your PowerPoint presentation, pop it into your computer’s [more…]

Make a PowerPoint 2007 Object 3-D

PowerPoint lets you give objects on your slides a third dimension. PowerPoint objects in 3-D look bigger and more solid. PowerPoint offers all kinds of commands for giving objects a third dimension. However [more…]

How to Assign Action Buttons in Your PowerPoint 2007

When a user clicks an action button during a PowerPoint slide show, PowerPoint takes the action you have assigned to it. Action buttons in a PowerPoint presentation can make it easy for someone to view [more…]

Draw Simple Objects on PowerPoint 2007 Slides

To draw an object on a PowerPoint slide, open the Insert tab on the PowerPoint Ribbon. Then click the Shapes button (located in the Illustrations group) to reveal a gallery of shapes you can choose from [more…]

Put a Shadow on a PowerPoint 2007 Object

PowerPoint offers ready-made shadows and, if you are working with a PowerPoint shape, you can fashion a shadow of your own. PowerPoint’s Format Shape dialog box offers plenty of options. The easiest way [more…]

How to Change the Direction of a PowerPoint 2007 Diagram

If your PowerPoint diagram is horizontally oriented, you can flip it over so that the rightmost shape in your diagram becomes the leftmost shape, and vice versa. If there are arrows in your diagram, PowerPoint [more…]

What Is a PowerPoint 2007 Object?

Slides in a PowerPoint 2007 presentation are filled with objects, such as text, clip art, charts, and graphs. Most objects on your PowerPoint2007 slides are text objects, which let you type text on your [more…]

How to Add a Sound from the Microsoft Web Site to Your PowerPoint Slide

PowerPoint lets you insert sound files into your PowerPoint Slides. Many basic sounds come with PowerPoint. Many more useful sounds are available on the Microsoft Web site. To search Microsoft for a sound [more…]

How to Edit PowerPoint 2007 SmartArt Text

PowerPoint includes a nifty feature called SmartArt, which lets you add several different types of useful diagrams to your slides. With SmartArt, you can create List, Process, Cycle, Hierarchy, Relationship [more…]


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