Charts, Graphs & Tables in PowerPoint 2007

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What Are the Different Kinds of Charts in PowerPoint 2007?

PowerPoint offers 11 chart categories. Each type of PowerPoint chart gives you a different kind of picture of the information in it. What kind of chart do you need in your PowerPoint Presentation? Perhaps [more…]

Paste a Chart from Excel into a PowerPoint 2007 Slide

If you want to display Excel data in a PowerPoint chart, create the chart in Excel. Copy the chart, switch to PowerPoint, and paste the chart on the PowerPoint slide. When you do so, the chart appears [more…]

How to Convert Old Charts to PowerPoint 2007 Charts

In versions of PowerPoint prior to 2007, an accessory program called Microsoft Graph, or MS Graph was used to create charts. If you open a PowerPoint presentation and you double-click a chart made with [more…]

PowerPoint 2007 Charts

Charting in PowerPoint 2007 is closely integrated with Excel 2007. When you insert a chart in PowerPoint, Excel starts automatically, and the data that you chart is placed in an Excel workbook. The chart [more…]

Add Shapes to Organization Charts in PowerPoint 2007

PowerPoint enables you to create organization charts so your PowerPoint shapes can branch out from one another in four directions as well as appear to the side. When you place one shape below another shape [more…]

How to Change the Size of a PowerPoint 2007 Table’s Columns, and Rows

The fastest way to adjust the width of columns and the height of rows on your PowerPoint slides is to drag the mouse PowerPoint even lets you adjust the size of the table itself: [more…]

How to Draw a Table on a PowerPoint 2007 Slide

PowerPoint’s Draw Table command lets you draw complicated tables on your PowerPoint slides. This method is ideal for creating PowerPoint tables that are not a simple grid of rows and columns, but rather [more…]

How to Create a PowerPoint 2007 SmartArt Diagram

The easiest way to create a PowerPoint SmartArt diagram is to create a new PowerPoint slide and enter a bulleted list and then convert it to SmartArt. First create your slide using the Title and Content [more…]

Save a PowerPoint 2007 Chart as a Template

Perhaps you’ve created charts with your company’s colors for a PowerPoint presentation. PowerPoint lets you save your chart as a template so you can reuse it. A PowerPoint chart template holds data series’ [more…]

Embellish Your PowerPoint 2007 Chart

PowerPoint enables you to add titles, labels, legends, and more to your PowerPoint charts. The easiest way to add these elements to a PowerPoint chart is by selecting a chart layout. However, you can create [more…]

Annotate a PowerPoint 2007 Chart

To highlight part of a PowerPoint chart annotate it with a callout text box and place the text box beside the pie slice, column, or bar. Select your PowerPoint chart, and follow steps included here to [more…]

How to Design a Table with a PowerPoint 2007 Table Style

The fastest way to get a good-looking table in PowerPoint is to select a table style in the Table Styles gallery and let PowerPoint do the work for you. A PowerPoint table style is a ready-made assortment [more…]

How to Use a Picture as the Table Background in PowerPoint 2007

PowerPoint offers two ways to make a picture part of a table: make the picture appear behind the table or make the picture appear in every table cell. A picture can look nice as the background in a PowerPoint [more…]

Switch Rows and Columns in a PowerPoint 2007 Chart

The first control in the PowerPoint Data group is called Switch Row/Column. It changes the orientation of your PowerPoint chart in a way that can be difficult to describe but easy to visualize. Look at [more…]

How to Merge and Split Table Cells on PowerPoint 2007 Slides

PowerPoint enables you to merge and split table cells to make your PowerPoint tables more elegant than run-of-the-mill tables. In the following PowerPoint table, the cells in rows 2, 4, and 6 have been [more…]

How to Add a New PowerPoint 2007 Slide with a Chart to Your Presentation

You can add a new slide to your PowerPoint 2007 presentation to contain a chart, or you can add a chart to an existing PowerPoint slide. The following procedure shows how to insert a new slide that contains [more…]

How to Change the Style of a PowerPoint 2007 Chart

Microsoft PowerPoint provides a large assortment of chart styles. Even if you already have a chart on your PowerPoint slide, you can change its style. To change the style for a PowerPoint chart, follow [more…]

Base Your PowerPoint 2007 Chart on Different Data

If you have an existing PowerPoint chart, you can click the Edit Data Source button in the Data group of the PowerPoint Design tab to change the data that your chart is based on. When you click this button [more…]

How to Add a Chart to an Existing PowerPoint 2007 Slide

If you have your PowerPoint presentation almost done, and then determine a PowerPoint slide requires a chart, you can easily add a chart to that PowerPoint slide. With the slide you want to add open, follow [more…]

How to Change the Layout of a PowerPoint 2007 Chart

PowerPoint’ Chart Layout galleries offers the most common chart layouts for each PowerPoint chart type. Even if you already have your PowerPoint chart created, you can change its layout by accessing the [more…]

How to Create a Table in a Content Placeholder in PowerPoint 2007

Tables are great for presenting lots of information in a PowerPoint slide. Basic tables are simple to create in PowerPoint. To create a PowerPoint slide that contains a table use the Title and Content [more…]

Apply a Style to a Table in PowerPoint 2007

After you’ve created a table on a PowerPoint slide, use the controls under Table Tools on the PowerPoint Ribbon to format it. PowerPoint offers several predefined table styles. Before you apply a style [more…]

How to Add a Picture to a PowerPoint 2007 Chart

A picture looks nice on the plot area of a PowerPoint chart, especially a column chart. PowerPoint lets you use pictures on your computer to decorate your charts. Select your chart, and follow these steps [more…]

How to Insert a Table on a PowerPoint 2007 Slide

PowerPoint makes it easy to insert a table on an existing PowerPoint slide. Once your table is in place, PowerPoint provides plenty of formatting options. To insert a table in a PowerPoint slide, follow [more…]

How to Turn a Bulleted List into a Diagram on Your PowerPoint 2007 Slide

PowerPoint allows you to convert a bulleted list into SmartArt. For example, suppose you’re puttering along in a PowerPoint presentation, gazing at the text, when suddenly it strikes you — a bulleted list [more…]


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