Animating PowerPoint 2007 Slides

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How to Create a Motion Path for Moving Elements Across a PowerPoint 2007 Slide

You can make elements on your PowerPoint slide behave like cartoon characters by making use of a kind of the PowerPoint animation effect called a motion path. Make your PowerPoint elements travel in a [more…]

How to Animate a PowerPoint 2007 Object

One common type of animation in PowerPoint is the entrance effect for text that appears on the slide. This is especially useful for bullet lists because it lets you display the list one item at a time. [more…]

How to Add Video to Your PowerPoint 2007 Slides

The hardest part about using video in a PowerPoint presentation is finding video worth showing. PowerPoint comes with movies in the Media Gallery, and Microsoft has them in its the online Media Gallery [more…]

Start a PowerPoint 2007 Animation with a Trigger

A PowerPoint trigger let’s you play an animation on a slide whenever you want to play it. To play a trigger animation, you just click the element on the PowerPoint slide that has been triggered. You can [more…]

How to Play Sounds with Animations in PowerPoint 2007 Presentations

To tickle your audience’s ears as well as its eyes, you can make sound accompany an animation in your PowerPoint presentation. PowerPoint offers applause, the [more…]

How to Time Your PowerPoint 2007 Animations

Most PowerPoint animations are initiated by mouse clicks. However, you can set up PowerPoint animations to activate automatically in a sequence or all at the same time. The first trick to controlling animation [more…]

What Is Custom Animation in PowerPoint 2007?

You can apply custom animations to any object on a PowerPoint slide. With PowerPoint text objects, you animate the entire text object or just individual paragraphs. You can also specify whether the effect [more…]

How to Animate a PowerPoint 2007 Chart

Rather than have your PowerPoint chart be static on the screen, you can animate it to make it arrive in parts on your PowerPoint slide. PowerPoint lets you make the data series fly in one at a time, for [more…]

Animating PowerPoint with Motion Paths

Animate your PowerPoint 2007 slides by placing slide elements on a motion path — a route that an element follows around a slide. For example, you can make a word or image travel in a zigzag path or bounce [more…]

Alter a Motion Path on a PowerPoint 2007 Slide

Even if you use one of PowerPoint’s predefined motion paths to animate your PowerPoint slide, you can change your animation. Make a PowerPoint element spin instead of bounce or move down instead of up. [more…]

Use the Animations Tab in PowerPoint 2007

PowerPoint’s animation effects fall into two categories: slide transitions and slide animations. Both types of animations are controlled from the Animations tab on the PowerPoint Ribbon. [more…]

How to Save PowerPoint 2007 Slides in a Slide Library

When you saved PowerPoint slides in a slide library, you can easily insert them into any PowerPoint presentation you create. You can even have PowerPoint check to see whether the slides have changed and [more…]

Moving Among Slides in a PowerPoint 2007 Presentation

As you are creating your PowerPoint 2007 presentation, you may need to move back and forth among your PowerPoint slides. The most common way to move in a PowerPoint presentation is to press the Page Down [more…]

How to Use Slides from Another PowerPoint 2007 Presentation

Using slides from another PowerPoint presentation is handy when the slide you need already exists. Microsoft PowerPoint provides a special command on the Insert tab on the Ribbon to let you import a slide [more…]

How to Use Slides from a Slide Library in PowerPoint 2007

If you have access to a slide library, PowerPoint 2007 lets you reuse slides posted there in your PowerPoint presentations. To use slides from a PowerPoint slide library, follow these steps: [more…]

How to Set Up a PowerPoint 2007 Slide Show

The default settings for showing a PowerPoint presentation are usually adequate. But PowerPoint gives you options that let you set up custom PowerPoint shows, advance slides manually, and more. With the [more…]

How to Animate Text in a PowerPoint Presentation

Animating text in a PowerPoint presentation makes your slide show more interesting and fun. Text and images can fly in, spin, flash, or move from place to place. This video shows how to customize text [more…]

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