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How to Hide Background Objects on a PowerPoint 2007 Slide

PowerPoint Slide Masters enable you to add background objects that appear on every PowerPoint slide in your presentation. You can, however, hide the background objects for selected slides. You can also [more…]

Design the PowerPoint 2007 Page Setup

The PowerPoint 2007 Page Setup group consists of a Slide Orientation control so you can display your PowerPoint presentation in Landscape mode (the default) or Portrait mode. You should use Portrait mode [more…]

Add Shapes to Organization Charts in PowerPoint 2007

PowerPoint enables you to create organization charts so your PowerPoint shapes can branch out from one another in four directions as well as appear to the side. When you place one shape below another shape [more…]

How to Change the Notes Master in PowerPoint 2007

PowerPoint lets you create notes pages with a reduced image of your PowerPoint slide, and any notes that go along with the slide. When printed, notes pages are formatted according to the Notes Master. [more…]

How to Create a Text Box on a PowerPoint 2007 Slide

The only difference between PowerPoint text boxes and text placeholder frames is that text boxes don’t inherit their formatting from a PowerPoint master slide. You decide what the text in the text box [more…]

How to Record a Narration in PowerPoint 2007

PowerPoint lets you record a narration for your PowerPoint slide show. As you record your narration, PowerPoint stores slide files separately so the slides are synchronized with the narrations you recorded [more…]

How to Change the Size of a PowerPoint 2007 Table’s Columns, and Rows

The fastest way to adjust the width of columns and the height of rows on your PowerPoint slides is to drag the mouse PowerPoint even lets you adjust the size of the table itself: [more…]

How to Draw a Table on a PowerPoint 2007 Slide

PowerPoint’s Draw Table command lets you draw complicated tables on your PowerPoint slides. This method is ideal for creating PowerPoint tables that are not a simple grid of rows and columns, but rather [more…]

Alter a Motion Path on a PowerPoint 2007 Slide

Even if you use one of PowerPoint’s predefined motion paths to animate your PowerPoint slide, you can change your animation. Make a PowerPoint element spin instead of bounce or move down instead of up. [more…]

How to Promote and Demote Shapes in PowerPoint 2007 Organization Charts

The PowerPoint (SmartArt Tools) Design tab holds a Promote or Demote button. If the shapes you are promoting or demoting are attached to subordinate shapes in your PowerPoint diagram, the subordinate shapes [more…]

How to Create a PowerPoint 2007 SmartArt Diagram

The easiest way to create a PowerPoint SmartArt diagram is to create a new PowerPoint slide and enter a bulleted list and then convert it to SmartArt. First create your slide using the Title and Content [more…]

Start and Pause a Video during a PowerPoint 2007 Presentation

You might want to control when your PowerPoint presentation starts and then pauses. Imagine: Your PowerPoint slide with the video arrives on-screen. Only the sounds of people munching popcorn and scraping [more…]

How to E-Mail a PowerPoint 2007 Presentation

If your PowerPoint presentation is a team effort, you need a way to share it. Emailing copies of the PowerPoint presentation to your colleagues is easy. PowerPoint includes a built-in feature for doing [more…]

How to Spell Check a Completed PowerPoint 2007 Presentation

PowerPoint lets you run the spell checker after you finish your presentation. The PowerPoint spell checker checks your entire presentation, bringing any misspelled words in your PowerPoint presentation [more…]

How to Create a Custom Show in PowerPoint 2007

The Custom Shows feature in PowerPoint lets you create several similar slide shows stored in a single PowerPoint presentation file. A PowerPoint presentation can contain as many custom shows as you want [more…]

How to Create a New PowerPoint 2007 Template

If none of the templates that come with PowerPoint 2007 works for your presentation, you can create a PowerPoint 2007 presentation with the Masters. Create your color scheme and then save the presentation [more…]

Use the Animations Tab in PowerPoint 2007

PowerPoint’s animation effects fall into two categories: slide transitions and slide animations. Both types of animations are controlled from the Animations tab on the PowerPoint Ribbon. [more…]

How To Add a New Slide to Your PowerPoint 2007 Presentation

When you first create a presentation in PowerPoint 2007, it has just one slide. Fortunately, PowerPoint gives you many ways to add new slides to your presentation. You see only three of them here: [more…]

Save a PowerPoint 2007 Chart as a Template

Perhaps you’ve created charts with your company’s colors for a PowerPoint presentation. PowerPoint lets you save your chart as a template so you can reuse it. A PowerPoint chart template holds data series’ [more…]

How to Create a Sound File Playlist for Your PowerPoint 2007 Presentation

Playlists were designed so that users of Windows Media Player can play songs or videos stored on their computers. PowerPoint also lets you set up playlists to go along with your presentation. Copy the [more…]

How to Choose How Objects Overlap on Your PowerPoint 2007 Slides

On a PowerPoint slide with text boxes, shapes, graphics, and clip-art images, objects inevitably overlap, and you have to decide which PowerPoint object goes on top of the stack. Objects that deliberately [more…]

Embellish Your PowerPoint 2007 Chart

PowerPoint enables you to add titles, labels, legends, and more to your PowerPoint charts. The easiest way to add these elements to a PowerPoint chart is by selecting a chart layout. However, you can create [more…]

How to Create Fancy Text with WordArt in PowerPoint 2007

For PowerPoint 2007, Microsoft has integrated WordArt into PowerPoint, so that you can apply WordArt formatting to any text in your presentation. Follow these steps to transform mundane text into something [more…]

Use Cut, Copy, and Paste in PowerPoint 2007

PowerPoint 2007 uses the standard Cut, Copy, and Paste commands. These commands work on selected text, or a selected object. The Cut and Copy commands add stuff to the Clipboard, and the Paste command [more…]

How to Add Shadows or Emboss Your Text in PowerPoint 2007

Adding a shadow behind your PowerPoint text can make the text stand out and make your entire slide easier to read. For that reason, many of the PowerPoint templates use shadows. Embossed text looks like [more…]


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