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How to Set up a Trigger to Start a PowerPoint Animation

To set up a triggered animation in a PowerPoint presentation, set up the animation you want to play when the trigger is clicked and decide which element on your PowerPoint slide you will click to trigger [more…]

How to Convert PowerPoint 97–2003 Presentations to 2007

When you open a PowerPoint presentation made in an earlier version of PowerPoint, the program switches to compatibility mode. PowerPoint 2007 shuts down features that weren’t a part of earlier versions [more…]

Erase Pen and Highlighter Drawings on Your PowerPoint Slides

If you have used the pen or highlighter to draw on your PowerPoint slides during a presentation, you can save the drawings for the next presentation or erase them so the next time you show it you’ll start [more…]

How to Group Objects on PowerPoint Slides

PowerPoint enables you to group objects on your slides. Grouping PowerPoint objects on your PowerPoint slides is useful for creating complex pictures because it enables you to work on one part of the picture [more…]

How to Borrow a Theme from Another PowerPoint Presentation

If the PowerPoint Themes gallery doesn’t contain the theme you want, you can borrow a theme from another PowerPoint presentation. To recycle a PowerPoint theme from another presentation, follow these steps [more…]

PowerPoint 2003 For Dummies Cheat Sheet

PowerPoint 2003 contains all the bells and whistles you need to create outstanding slideshows from the main window, where you do most of your work to the variety of helpful toolbars and the handy keyboard [more…]

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