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How to Set a Task Reminder in Outlook

You may want to set a reminder in Outlook 2013 to help you stay on top of your task assignments. Reminders pop up at the time you specify to let you know it’s time to pay attention to a task. You can also [more…]

Add and Edit a Contact in Outlook

Outlook 2013stores complete contact information about the people you want to keep in touch with. You can store not only mailing addresses but also phone numbers, e-mail addresses, pager numbers, and personal [more…]

Change How a Contact is Filed in Outlook

If someone asked you how contacts were alphabetized in Outlook, you would probably say that they’re done by last name, right? And you’d be absolutely . . . [more…]

Delete and Restore Contacts in Outlook

With Outlook, you don’t have to tear pages out of a paper address book to get rid of a person’s information; just delete the contact.

Deleted contacts go to the Deleted Items folder in Outlook until the [more…]

Display the Tasks list in Outlook

The Tasks area in Outlook 2013 helps you create and manage action items for yourself and others. Not only can Outlook keep track of what you need to do, but it can also remind you of upcoming deadlines [more…]

Quick Tips for Using Outlook Contacts

Outlook is much more than just an e-mail program. It excels at storing information that you need for your daily business and personal dealings, such as contact information and to-do lists. If you can’t [more…]

The Outlook 2013 To-Do Bar

Outlook 2013 has a feature called the To-Do bar that pulls together all the things you need to do and displays them in a single part of the Outlook screen. The goal of the To-Do bar is to let you know [more…]

How to Set Up an Account in Microsoft Outlook 2013

The first time you run Outlook 2013, you may be prompted to set up your email account. If that happens, follow the prompts to get started. If not, you can manually initiate the process of setting up your [more…]


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