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How to Set Up an Internet E-Mail Account in Outlook 2013

After you’ve signed up with an ISP, you can set up Outlook 2013 to send and receive e-mail from your account. Although any individual Internet e-mail account requires setup only once, you can set up many [more…]

How to Get a Digital ID for Outlook 2013's Security Features

If you want to take advantage of Outlook 2013’s security features, the first step to take is to get yourself a Digital ID. If you work in a large organization, your employer may have gotten that for you [more…]

How to Send an Outlook 2013 Message with a Digital Signature

After you have a Digital ID for Outlook 2013, the simplest thing you can do is send someone a message that has your digital signature. A digitally signed message does more than simply assure your recipient [more…]

How to Customize the Outlook 2013 Ribbon

The Quick Access toolbar looks the same no matter which Outlook 2013 module you’re using, so you might consider holding off on customizing the Ribbon until you’re sure that you can’t get what you’re after [more…]

Outlook 2013's Varied View Options

Every Outlook 2013 module has its own selection of views, as well as its own set of Ribbons. The calendar has (among others) a view that looks calendar-like. The Contacts module includes a view that looks [more…]

How to Add Columns in Any Outlook 2013 Table View

Outlook 2013 starts you out with a limited number of columns in the Phone view of your Contacts list. If you want more columns, you can easily add some. You can display as many columns as you want in Outlook [more…]

How to Send a Status Report from Outlook 2013

People who give out tasks really like the Assign Task feature of Outlook 2013. People who have to do those tasks are much less enthusiastic. If you’re a Task getter more often than you’re a Task giver, [more…]

How to Create Mailing Labels in Outlook 2013

You may need to create a set of mailing labels for everyone in your Outlook 2013 Contacts list in a flash. The list connects to Word’s Mail Merge feature, so you don’t have to mess around with exporting [more…]

How to Create a Form Letter in Outlook 2013

You can easily send form letters from Outlook 2013. A form letter is a letter with standard text that’s printed over and over but with a different name and address printed on each copy. An annual newsletter [more…]

How to Invite People to Meetings in Outlook 2013

If you use Outlook 2013, you can easily invite several people to a meeting without making a bunch of phone calls. In Outlook, you can check everyone’s schedule, pick a time, and suggest a meeting time [more…]

How to Assign Tasks in Outlook 2013

You can assign a task in Outlook 2013 to another person and keep track of that person’s progress. As Tom Sawyer could tell you, anything worth doing is worth getting someone else to do for you. [more…]

How to Group Items in Outlook 2013

Sorting and grouping in Outlook 2013 are similar. Both procedures organize items in your table according to columns. Grouping is different from sorting in that it creates bunches of similar items that [more…]

How to Send a Message from Outlook.com

When you feel the urge to dash off a quick e-mail from your favorite Internet café, you can do that with Outlook.com in a jiffy. You’ll probably have your message finished before your barista finishes [more…]

How to Add Contacts through Outlook.com

A good Contacts list is precious. Outlook.com can help you keep your Contacts list up to date from wherever you are. For example, if you go to a conference or convention and exchange business cards with [more…]

How to Enter Calendar Appointments from Outlook.com

The appointments and meetings that you post in Outlook are linked to Outlook.com, so from any web-enabled device you can see where you should be and with whom. Now you’ll know when you’re available for [more…]

What Is Outlook.com?

Outlook.com is a free web-based e-mail service provided by Microsoft. It’s somewhat like Google’s Gmail service but has a twist — a link to your desktop Outlook data. Microsoft has combined Hotmail and [more…]

How to Read Messages on Outlook.com

Whether you’re catching up on juicy office gossip or deleting spam from Nigerian oil tycoons, you can log on to Outlook.com from any browser to keep yourself in the loop. Because Outlook.com is web mail [more…]

How to Set Individual Message Options on Outlook.com

You can’t set as many options for an individual message in Outlook.com as you can in the regular version of Outlook: only message priority and file format. Just follow these steps: [more…]

How to View Your Contacts on Outlook.com

Some people see their Contacts list as pure gold. They ogle and admire it whenever they’re not busy playing Solitaire. To see your Contacts list on Outlook.com, click the arrow beside the Outlook name [more…]

How to Set Automated Messages on Outlook.com

In the desktop version of Outlook you can set your Out of Office message to let co-workers know when you’ll be out of town (or just plain unavailable). You have a similar tool in Outlook.com, only it’s [more…]

How to Create a Signature on Outlook.com

You get to decide when to include the one signature you’re allowed to create in Outlook.com. Your signature for business might be very grand and official, the better to impress lackeys and sycophants as [more…]

Outlook 2013 Web Access

Outlook Web Access is part of a program called Microsoft Exchange, which many large and not-so-large organizations run to power advanced Outlook features such as public folders, shared calendars, and assigned [more…]

Ten Things You Can't Do with Outlook

It takes only a few minutes to find out something that a program can do, and you can spend all day trying to figure out something that a program can’t do. [more…]

Ten Accessories for Outlook 2013

Outlook 2013 can do plenty for you without any outside help, but a few well-considered accessories can make your life even easier. Some favorite accessories make up for capabilities that Outlook ought [more…]

How to Customize the Outlook 2013 Quick Access Toolbar

Outlook 2013's Quick Access toolbar lets you keep a few icons for your favorite functions at the top of the screen so that you can use them anytime. When Outlook 2013 is freshly installed, only three icons [more…]


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