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How to Set Your Reply and Forward Options in Outlook 2013

You can control the look of the messages you forward, as well as your replies in Outlook 2013. If your office uses Microsoft Outlook, you can make your text look pretty incredible in messages you send [more…]

How to Add Comments to a Reply or Forward in Outlook 2013

When you forward or reply to a message in Outlook 2013, it helps to include parts of the original message that you're forwarding or replying to so that the person reading your message knows exactly what [more…]

How to Create a Signature for Your Outlook 2013 Messages

Many people like to add a signature to the end of every message they send in Outlook 2013. A signature is usually a small portion of text that identifies you to everyone who reads your message and tells [more…]

How to Use the Rules Wizard in Outlook 2013

The Rules Wizard is called a wizard because of the way the program leads you step by step to create each rule. The process is pretty simple. To create a simple rule to move an incoming message from a certain [more…]

How to Create and Manage Quick Steps in Outlook 2013

In addition to the six Quick Steps that appear in the Quick Step box when Outlook 2013 is first installed, you have even more Quick Step templates that you can choose from. To use these additional Quick [more…]

Create an E-Mail Message from Your Outlook 2013 Contacts List

Addressing messages is one of the most productive drag-and-drop techniques in Outlook 2013. E-mail addresses can be cumbersome and difficult to remember, and if your spelling of an e-mail address is off [more…]

Set Outlook's AutoArchive for Individual Folders

You can set up the AutoArchive settings in Outlook 2013 for each of your folders individually so that you can have more control of what gets autoarchived and what doesn’t. In this example, the Inbox folder [more…]

How to Create a New Contact Record in Outlook 2013

You can drag an item from any other Outlook 2013 module to the People button, but the only item that makes sense to drag there is an e-mail message. That is, you can drag an e-mail message to the People [more…]

How to Create E-Mail Messages in Outlook 2013

Although you can create e-mail messages very quickly in Outlook 2013, you may prefer a more detailed approach to creating an e-mail message. If you have a yen for fancy e-mail — especially if you want [more…]

How to Forward an E-Mail Message in Outlook 2013

You may not always have the answer to every e-mail message you get in Outlook 2013. You may need to send a message along to somebody else to answer, so pass it on. To forward a message, follow these steps [more…]

How to Attach Flags with Customized Reminders to E-Mail Messages

Outlook 2013 flags can pop up and remind you to do something at any time you choose. They can also pop up and pester someone else when you put a reminder on a message you send. [more…]

How to Send Attachments in Outlook 2013

If you want to send a document that you’ve already created in another application, you can send it as an attachment in Outlook 2013. You can attach any kind of file — word processing documents, spreadsheets [more…]

How to Create a New Mail Folder in Outlook 2013

The simplest way to manage incoming mail in Outlook 2013 is just to file it. Before you file a message, you need to create at least one folder in which to file your messages. You only need to create a [more…]

How to Set Up a Search Folder in Outlook 2013

The Search Folders feature in Outlook 2013 is designed to help you organize the messages in your Inbox and other folders. Search Folders provide a single place where you can always look to find a certain [more…]

How to Sort from Table View in Outlook 2013

When sorting from Table view in Outlook 2013, click the heading of a column you want to sort. The entire table is sorted according to the column you clicked — by date, name, or whatever. Although clicking [more…]

How to Flag a Contact in Outlook 2013

Sometimes you need Outlook 2013 to remind you about important dates or follow-up activities. You can use flags, for example, to remind you to call someone next week. The best way to help yourself remember [more…]

How to Forward a Business Card in Outlook 2013

Outlook 2013 can forward an electronic business card to any other person who uses Outlook (or any other program that understands how to use digital business cards). It’s a handy way to e-mail any contact [more…]

How to Create a Contact Group in Outlook 2013

Creating a Contact group in Outlook 2013 is a simple matter of making up a name for your list and choosing from the collection of names you’ve stored on your system. A Contact group doesn’t keep track [more…]

How to Add Pictures to Your Outlook 2013 Contacts

You can include a picture with the contact information you collect in Outlook 2013, and not just for decoration. Now that many cell phones and other mobile devices synchronize with the Outlook Contacts [more…]

How to Enter Appointments in the Outlook 2013 Calendar

Appointments you set up for work in the Outlook 2013 Calendar often require you to include a little more information than you’d need for your personal appointments. When you want to give an appointment [more…]

How to Create Recurring Appointments in Outlook 2013's Calendar

In Outlook 2013's Calendar, you can create recurring appointments. Some appointments are like a meal at a Chinese restaurant: As soon as you’re done with one, you’re ready for another. With Outlook, you [more…]

How to Print Your Outlook 2013 Appointments

Outlook 2013 gives you the capability to print out your appointments from the Calendar — sort of. To be brutally honest, Outlook’s calendar-printing feature stinks. If you can’t figure out how to print [more…]

How to Enter New Tasks in the Outlook 2013 Tasks Module

The official way to enter a task in Outlook 2013 is through the Task form, which requires some effort but lets you enter much more detailed information. But you don’t need to work your fingers to the bone [more…]

How to Manage Recurring Tasks in Outlook 2013

Outlook 2013 can remind you whenever a recurring task comes around. Lots of tasks crop up on a regular basis. You know how it goes — same stuff, different day. To save you the effort of entering a task [more…]

How to Change a Note's Size in Outlook 2013

Notes in Outlook 2013 follow all the rules that other Windows boxes follow, so if you're an old hand at moving and resizing boxes in Windows, you’ll be okay. If you’re new to Windows and dialog boxes, [more…]

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