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10 Resources and Add-Ins for OneNote 2013

OneNote wasn’t the most popular application until recently, having more of a cult following than being known as a go-to app. Resources for OneNote 2013 are not many at this point, and some of those that [more…]

How to Send Notes to Share Them in OneNote 2013

One of the simpler methods of sharing a note with OneNote 2013 is by sending it as a file to an e-mail recipient or even to Microsoft Word or your blog. To send the current note as a file, follow these [more…]

How to Sync Notes in OneNote 2013

OneNote 2013 distances itself from the whole concept of manually saving files in favor of syncing them. You can sync files automatically or manually. This gives you some freedom when managing your files [more…]

How to Export Notes in OneNote 2013

The command known as Save As in most other apps is called export in OneNote 2013. This command allows you to save a file under a different name or location. [more…]

How to Password-Protect Sections in OneNote 2013

If you use OneNote 2013 to take notes that you want to keep private, securing individual notes is as simple as password-protecting sections. Oddly, you cannot password-protect entire notebooks, but securing [more…]

How to Add Audio and Video in OneNote 2013

OneNote 2013 allows you to record on the fly and add audio and video clips to your notes right from the OneNote Ribbon. You can also embed prerecorded clips by using the Ribbon’s Insert tab. [more…]

How to Extract Text from Handwriting in OneNote 2013

Among the cooler features of OneNote 2013 are its ink technologies that enable you to use a stylus or even your finger to literally write notes on the screen. If you want to include these notes in a report [more…]

How to Create Notes from Templates in OneNote 2013

Templates are essentially notes that are preformatted in OneNote 2013 so that you can basically fill in blanks to create a professional-looking note. There are a variety of options for templates to make [more…]

How to Insert Data from Office Apps in OneNote 2013

You can insert Office documents into OneNote 2013 easily, and you have three major options available to you to do so: as a printout, as an attachment, or manually as raw data. [more…]

How to Insert Excel Data in OneNote 2013

OneNote 2013 lets you add entire spreadsheets to notes, and you can also choose from charts or tables within the spreadsheet to add to your note individually. As long as you don’t insert the data as a [more…]

How to Insert Visio Diagrams in OneNote 2013

You can insert Visio diagrams into OneNote 2013 and retain the ability to edit it as long as you don’t insert the diagram as a printout, which effectively creates a static image of the diagram. [more…]

How to Capture Screen Clippings in OneNote 2013

Screen captures, or clippings, are useful for OneNote 2013 in all sorts of cases, from showing someone your favorite desktop background to creating documentation that shows things that may be hard for [more…]

How to Take Quick Notes in OneNote 2013

Quick notes allow you to jot something down quickly without haggling with the organizational structure of OneNote 2013. Later, you can go back to the unfiled quick note and figure out where to put it. [more…]

How to Use the Windows 8 SkyDrive App in OneNote 2013

The Windows 8–style SkyDrive app is installed by default as a tile on the Start screen of OneNote 2013. The first time you access the tile, you may have to log in with your Microsoft account. After you [more…]

How to Manage OneNote 2013 Notebooks with SkyDrive

SkyDrive is cloud-accessible, even if you don’t have a SkyDrive app installed on the device. This makes it easy to manage OneNote 2013 notebooks from any device that has internet access. [more…]

10 Cool Things You Can Do With OneNote 2013

There are a lot of cool tips for things you can do with OneNote 2013. The app can be very useful in simplifying even the smallest tasks in your life. [more…]

How to Format Notes in OneNote 2013

The process of formatting notes in OneNote for Windows 8 is a little different than it is in OneNote 2013 — okay, it’s way different. Here’s how to perform the major formatting tasks in OneNote for Windows [more…]

How to Write Notes in OneNote 2013 on the Android

As with other mobile versions of OneNote, such as the iOS and web App versions, the Android version of OneNote allows you to access and edit notes with a minimal feature set in comparison to desktop versions [more…]

How to Add a Picture in OneNote 2013 on the Android

OneNote allows you to add existing pictures to your note or snap an image for the note as long as your Android has a camera — as most devices do. You have two choices when adding a picture to a note: [more…]

How to Write Notes in OneNote 2013 for iOS Devices

Writing notes is easy in OneNote for iOS devices. Many functions are available, although the web App version of OneNote and the full OneNote 2013 app have much more functionality. [more…]

How to Configure OneNote Settings for iOS Devices

OneNote for iOS doesn’t have a lot of settings you can actually change. Tap the Settings button at the top of the Home screen to quickly summon the Settings window. [more…]

How to Manage Notes with the OneNote Web App

OneNote web App is the catch-all “if you can’t do it in the mobile version, do it here” solution for mobile OneNote users who don’t own or currently have access to the desktop version of the app, which [more…]

How to Take Notes as a Team with OneNote 2013

You can invite multiple people to edit the same note at the same time with OneNote 2013, such as during a meeting, by housing the file on SkyDrive and sharing it. You will need to set up a notebook for [more…]

How to View Versions and Authors in OneNote

Viewing versions of pages and authors can help you keep track of changes to OneNote documents as well as to who did what. OneNote 2013 and OneNote web App allow you to view these things, but the controls [more…]

How to Manage Permissions in OneNote 2013

As with permissions for essentially any type of digital file or location, with OneNote 2013, there are also two types: view permissions and edit permissions. [more…]

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