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How to Do Something with Content in Office 365 Backstage View

In Office Professional Plus, the Backstage view is neither chaotic nor confusing, although people typically think of chaos and confusion when they think of the backstage for most events. Someone actually [more…]

Throw the Switch and Direct All Traffic to Office 365

After you have migrated both e-mail and portal data, you are ready to throw the switch and direct all traffic to the new Office 365 environment. Throwing the switch is accomplished by updating your Domain [more…]

Microsoft Office 365 Management

Microsoft has taken a great deal of time and put a tremendous amount of resources into developing the management interface for Office 365. Microsoft designed this interface for everyday users with the [more…]

Offload Responsibility with Office 365

The cloud is changing the paradigm behind enterprise class software by offloading the responsibility for the infrastructure to someone else. In the case of Office 365, that someone else is none other than [more…]

Reduce Infrastructure and Complexity with Office 365

When you move to Office 365, you are removing the need for onsite infrastructure. The infrastructure required to run software grows exponentially as the organization adopts enterprise applications. Even [more…]

Predictable Costs Come with Office 365

When you move to the cloud, you are taking all the uncertainty out of the cost of the infrastructure and implementation. With Office 365, Microsoft has already undertaken all the risky implementation projects [more…]

Anywhere Access Comes with Office 365

Office 365 lives in Microsoft’s data centers and is accessed over the Internet. For this reason, you have connectivity to your enterprise software by using your desktop computer in your office, your laptop [more…]

Synchronized Data with Office 365

With Office 365 and SharePoint Online, you have a centralized home for all documents. You can access those documents from multiple computers (or even your mobile phone) and by multiple people. Regardless [more…]

Mobile Access to Enterprise Data with Office 365

With Office 365, you can finally access your data from anywhere by using your smartphone. Microsoft is taking anywhere access a step farther by integrating the new Windows Phone 7 with Office 365 with [more…]

Leverage the Service Health Dashboard to Save Time with Office 365

A quick look at the user-friendly admin portal page of Microsoft Office 365 gives you an idea of how easily you can manage your organization’s subscription plan, users, security groups, domains, Exchange [more…]

How to Chat in Outlook Web App

You know how efficient working can be when you’re in your office and have access to your Office desktop applications. From Outlook, you can easily instant message your co-workers, make a call, send an [more…]


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