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Comparison of Excel Web App and Excel

You will find that the Excel Web App is still Microsoft Office Excel but it does have some differences. For one thing, Excel runs on your computer, and Excel Web App runs out in the cloud and you access [more…]

Features of the Excel Web App Interface

The Excel Web App interface is different from the traditional Excel application in that the web app runs within your web browser. The Ribbon at the top of the Excel Web App interface screen contains tabs [more…]

How to Work with Excel Web App Workbooks

Creating a new Excel Web App document in a SharePoint Online document library is easy. On the Ribbon, click the Document tab and then click the New Document button. [more…]

Advanced Features of the Excel Web App

In addition to the basic features that you will use in the Excel Web App, there are also some advanced features. In particular, you can work with formulas and functions, manipulate data, and even coauthor [more…]

Comparison of the PowerPoint Web App and PowerPoint 2010

The PowerPoint Web App is designed to be a companion to its desktop cousin, PowerPoint 2010. It allows users to collaborate on files and make light edits to a presentation right on the browser regardless [more…]

The PowerPoint Web App User Interface

As a default, the PowerPoint Web App opens files in Reading View and runs animations and transitions that are embedded on the slide. Immediately after the file is loaded on the web app, you have access [more…]

How to Work with PowerPoint Web App Presentations

In Office 365, PowerPoint Web App is a component of the Office Web Apps services available in both the professional and small business plan (P plan) and the enterprise plan [more…]

Advanced Functions of the PowerPoint Web App

Despite its reputation for “light editing only,” PowerPoint Web App is not intended to hamper your creativity or stop you from producing the best-ever sales pitch. When you’re on the run and need to spruce [more…]

Comparison of the OneNote Web App and OneNote 2010

Microsoft OneNote is a beefed-up word processing program. You can enter text and graphics to gather, organize, search, and share literally anything you can think of — meeting notes, ideas, references, [more…]

How to Use the OneNote Web App Interface

OneNote Web App’s browser-based experience is a pared-down version of the OneNote 2010 user interface. By using a combination of HTML and JavaScript, the app renders a OneNote notebook in the browser that [more…]

How to Work with OneNote Web App Notebooks

If OneNote is one of the content types available in your document library, creating a new OneNote Web App notebook is easy. To do so, follow these steps: [more…]

Advanced Features of the OneNote Web App

Just because OneNote Web App is a pared-down version of its desktop counterpart doesn’t mean that you can’t get fancy with it. There is no shortage of creative ways to give your notebooks the wow factor [more…]

Support for an Office 365 Implementation

Even the most experienced and seasoned mountain climbers have a support system, and your organization shouldn’t be any different. Planning an Office 365 support system doesn’t mean spending a lot of money [more…]

Microsoft Office 365 Cloud Attraction

The cloud attempts to alleviate this tension by offloading the infrastructure to someone else — Microsoft in the case of Office 365. This frees up the tech people and lets them spend time optimizing the [more…]

Pros and Cons of the Microsoft Office 365 Cloud

As with any decision in life, there are generally pros and cons; moving to the Microsoft Office 365 cloud is no exception. Depending on whom you are talking with, the cloud is either the greatest thing [more…]

Overall Office 365 Requirements

Although by definition a cloud offering is available to anyone with an Internet connection, there are a few other requirements that must be observed should you choose to use Microsoft Office 365. In particular [more…]

Browser Requirements for Microsoft Office 365

There are many points of contact with Office 365, and depending on which computer you are using to access the cloud services, you will want to make sure that your web browser is supported. Following is [more…]

How to Choose an Office 365 Plan

The advantage to a product, such as Office 365, living in the cloud is that it is available for organizations of all sizes and shapes. The disadvantage, however, is that all those organizations have different [more…]

Lay the Groundwork for Your Microsoft Office 365 Plan

You should keep in mind that the size and complexity of your organization, as well as the Office 365 plan you choose, will directly affect your implementation. If you are a one-person consultant or small [more…]

Resources You Need for Office 365 Implementation

The in-house, human-based resources that you need for an Enterprise implementation are outlined in the following table. Note that if you are implementing the professional/small business plan, then a single [more…]

Planning Phase of an Office 365 Implementation

The planning phase of an Office 365 implementation greatly depends on many factors, including whether you are using the professional and small business plan or the enterprise plan. Regardless of which [more…]

Communication Planning for an Office 365 Implementation

When planning for a Microsoft Office 365 implementation, the best communication is clear, transparent, and all-inclusive. Everyone in the organization has ideas and an opinion. By garnering as many thoughts [more…]

Preparation Phase of an Office 365 Implementation

After you have a good handle on what you plan to do during an Office 365 implemenation, you need to prepare to do it. Keep in mind that because every organization is different, you should only use these [more…]

How to Choose a Partner for an Office 365 Implementation

The process of planning and preparing for an Office 365 implementation is not linear but is iterative. Luckily, if you use a partner, that partner will have been through this iterative cycle many times [more…]

Training for an Office 365 Implementation

Microsoft Office 365 is easy to use and has very intuitive interfaces. However, that doesn’t mean that you can just turn it on and tell everyone to “go wild.” To get users ready for the plunge, you need [more…]


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