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Microsoft Publisher

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Design Tips to Use with Microsoft Publisher 2007

The following list offers good publication design tips whether you’re using Microsoft Publisher 2007 or some other publishing software. If you’re taking the time to publish anything, spend some time reading [more…]

Questions to Ask Your Printing Service When You Use Microsoft Publisher 2007

You can set up files in Microsoft Publisher 2007 to accommodate the needs of your printing service, but you have to find out what those needs are before you start. Use the questions in the following list [more…]

Microsoft Publisher 2007 Navigation Keys

Microsoft Publisher 2007 incorporates a host of navigation keys to help you move fluidly through the text you’re getting ready to publish. The following table shows the most-used navigation keystrokes [more…]

Formatting Keystrokes for Microsoft Publisher 2007

Microsoft Publisher 2007 gives you a range of shortcut keystrokes to help you format text. You can choose a font, change its size, adjust kerning (the space between letters), and make all sorts of tweaks [more…]

Microsoft Publisher 2007 For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Microsoft Publisher 2007 offers all sorts of tools, including shortcuts keys for navigation and formatting, to help you turn text and graphics into published material. And, before you publish, you need [more…]


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