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Going Virtual with Intuitive Communications with Lync Online

Lync Online (part of Microsoft Office 365) is the latest iteration of Microsoft’s cloud-based communications service. In particular, you can chat through text, talk to people by using voice, and even have [more…]

Benefits of Lync Online

Lync Online is available in both the professional and small business (P) and enterprise (E) plans in Office 365. The features include instant messaging [more…]

Let People Know Your Presence Status with Lync Online

Foster collaboration in your organization by giving your co-workers an at-a-glance status of your whereabouts and availability with Lync Online. Share what you’re up to by entering text in the Personal [more…]

How to Start a Conversation with Lync Online

The Lync Online contact card is a great way to initiate a conversation with a co-worker or your team members. In addition to your personal note, presence, and location, it also displays your organization [more…]

Manage Contacts and Conversations with Lync Online

Lync Online helps you manage your contacts by populating the Frequent Contacts group with contacts based on recent conversations. You can manually add your favorite contact to this group by typing the [more…]

Conference and Collaborate with Lync Online

Conducting an effective online meeting regardless of the participants’ locations is simple with Lync Online, even for those who are not technically inclined. Scheduling online meetings and delivering presentations [more…]

Best Practices for Successful Lync Online Meeting

Using Lync Online to conduct meetings, especially for participants who are distributed globally, can result in great savings for your organization. It reduces carbon footprint and is, therefore, good for [more…]

The Lync Web App Join Experience

The Lync web app is a browser-based alternative for joining Lync online meetings. For it to work, the browser must have Silverlight enabled. Silverlight is a cross-browser [more…]

The Lync Online User Interface

The Lync Online application is designed to be a beautiful and social experience for the users. The high-quality treatment of pictures enables you to have a sense of actually seeing the face of the person [more…]

Work with Ambient Activity Feed in Lync Online

Lync’s tagline is about connecting people in new ways. The activity feeds feature of Lync Online achieves this end and is important so that workers can have an ambient sense of who’s doing what, where, [more…]

The Lync Online Soft Phone Feature and Other Devices

If your Office 365 Enterprise subscription comes with the enterprise voice capability, your Lync Online user interface will display a phone icon along with the Contacts, Activity Feeds, and Conversations [more…]

Lync Online Presence Indicator in Office Applications

Lync Online embeds presence with both Office 2010 and Office 2007 applications. With this integration, you have access to the Click-to-Communicate feature that allows you to click on the presence and instantly [more…]

Office 365 Lync Installation Requirements

Lync Online is a powerful communication platform that is used for online meetings and instant communication. Lync installs as a client on your computer and has its own requirements for installation. The [more…]

Lync Online Management

You can manage Lync Online by clicking the Manage link under the Lync Online section of the Office 365 management screen. When on the Lync Online management screen, you can configure domain federation, [more…]

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