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Deployment Flexibility with Exchange Online from Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 is a SAAS offering by none other than Microsoft. Microsoft has invested billions of dollars building state-of-the-art data centers all over the world. These data centers are staffed [more…]

Deployment Predictability with Exchange Online from Office 365

Most decision makers cringe when they hear the words custom development. You will hear horror story after horror story when it comes to a custom software development project. If you get really good developers [more…]

Flexible Provisioning with Exchange Online from Office 365

In addition to the predictability of the deployment costs in both time and resources, Exchange Online from Office 365 offers the ability to easily adjust the number of licenses for people using the software [more…]

Simplified Administration with Exchange Online from Office 365

Exchange Online from Office 365 offers a simplified and intuitive administrative interface. You no longer need extraordinary expertise to get the very most out of the Exchange Product. Microsoft handles [more…]

Access Exchange Online from Your Outlook E-mail Client

Exchange Online from Office 365 provides a continuously available service that can be accessed from just about anywhere at any time. All you need is an Internet connection and a web browser. [more…]

Access Exchange Online from the Web, Your Phone, or Your Mac

With modern smartphones, you can carry around instant e-mail access right in your pocket. Exchange Online from Office 365 works great with any of these devices and, of course, with Apple’s iPhone and Google’s [more…]

Manage Exchange Online Inbox Overload

Exchange Online from Office 365 attempts to help you manage your e-mail by using a number of different features. The number of e-mails most people send and receive in a given day is amazing! If you are [more…]

Efficient Collaboration with Outlook and Exchange Online

With Outlook and Exchange Online, which are part of Office 365, you can set up a meeting with people in an e-mail thread with a single click of a button. [more…]

Protect Information with Office Exchange Online

One of the most important aspects of any system is the protection of information and compliance with company and government rules. Exchange Online from Office 365 is simple to use and administer, but don’t [more…]

Outlook's Conversation View via Exchange Online

One of the most talked about new features of the new version of Outlook (desktop or online) is the conversation view. E-mail in Office 365 is powered by Exchange Online, the cloud version of the Exchange [more…]

Set Up a Conference Room with Exchange Online

Exchange Online, which is part of Microsoft Office 365, offers conference room support. Conference room support provides you with a resource-booking attendant to accept or decline meeting requests. These [more…]

Exchange Online Management

The management section for Exchange Online can be accessed by clicking on the Admin Overview link in the upper-left corner on the main Microsoft Office 365 administration page and then clicking the Manage [more…]

Mailbox-Specific Exchange Management Shell Commands

Keep this Cheat Sheet of mailbox-related Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 commands handy when you open the Exchange Management Shell to make your mailbox administration tasks as easy as can be. [more…]

Exchange Management Shell Exchange-Server-Specific Commands

The Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 shell commands in the following table will be quite useful when you're initially setting up your Exchange Server and when your company or department organization changes [more…]

How to Create a Network Mailbox on Exchange Server 2010

In previous versions of Exchange, you created network user mailboxes using Active Directory Users and Computers (ADUC). With Exchange 2010, however, Microsoft has removed the Exchange management features [more…]

How to Set an Automatic E-Mail Forwarder in Exchange Server 2010

A forwarder is an email feature that automatically forwards any incoming e-mail to another e-mail address. This feature is most often used when an employee in the network is on vacation or leave, and the [more…]

How to Set Network Mailbox Storage Limits in Exchange Server 2010

Exchange Server 2010 lets you set a limit on the size of each network user’s email mailbox. In a very small organization, you can probably get away without imposing strict mailbox size limits. If your [more…]

How to Enable Mailbox Features for Exchange Server 2010

Exchange Mailbox Features refers to several features of Exchange network mailboxes that are controlled via the Mailbox Features tab of the mailbox Properties dialog box. [more…]

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