Opening, Saving & Converting Excel 2013 Workbooks

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How to Open Files in the Open Screen in Excel 2013

When the Open screen is first displayed in the Excel 2013 Backstage, the Recent Workbooks option in the Places pane on the left is selected. If the file you want to open isn’t shown in this list in the [more…]

How to Navigate the Open Dialog Box in Excel 2013

After you select a folder and drive in the Excel 2013 Open screen or press the Ctrl+F12 shortcut, Excel displays an Open dialog box. The Open dialog box is divided: the Navigation pane on the left, where [more…]

Open File Options in Excel 2013

To access File Open options in Excel 2013, use the drop-down button attached to the Open command button located at the bottom of the Open dialog box. These options enable you to open the selected workbook [more…]

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