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How to Filter Column and Row Fields in Excel 2013

In Excel 2013, the filter buttons on the column and row fields attached to their labels enable you to filter out entries for particular groups and, in some cases, individual entries in the data source. [more…]

How to Filter Pivot Tables with Slicers in Excel 2013

Slicers in Excel 2013 make it a snap to filter the contents of your pivot table on more than one field. (They even allow you to connect with fields of other pivot tables that you’ve created in the workbook [more…]

How to Filter Pivot Tables with Timelines in Excel 2013

Excel 2013 introduces a new way to filter your data with its timeline feature. You can think of timelines as slicers designed specifically for date fields that enable you to filter data out of your pivot [more…]

How to Modify Pivot Table Fields in Excel 2013

Excel 2013 makes it as easy to modify pivot table fields from the original data source display in the table as it did adding them when the table was created. Additionally, you can instantly restructure [more…]

How to Pivot a Table’s Fields in Excel 2013

As pivot implies, the fun of pivot tables in Excel 2013 is being able to restructure the table simply by rotating the column and row fields. This makes it easier to organize your information. [more…]

How to Modify the Pivot Table’s Summary Function in Excel 2013

By default, Excel 2013 uses the good old SUM function to create subtotals and grand totals for the numeric field(s) that you assign as the Data Items in the pivot table. [more…]

How to Create a Pivot Chart in Excel 2013

After creating a pivot table in Excel 2013, you can create a pivot chart to display its summary values graphically in two simple steps. Follow the steps below to take your pivot table to the next step: [more…]

How to Filter Pivot Charts in Excel 2013

The time may come when you will need to filter your pivot charts in Excel 2013. When you graph the data in a pivot table using a typical chart type, such as column, bar, or line, that uses both an x- and [more…]

How to Move and Resize Embedded Charts in Excel 2013

Right after you create a new embedded chart in a worksheet in Excel 2013, you can easily move or resize the chart because the chart is still selected. You can always tell when an embedded chart is selected [more…]

How to Customize Charts from the Design Tab in Excel 2013

In Excel 2013, you can use the command buttons on the Design tab of the Chart Tools contextual tab to make all kinds of changes to your new chart. The Design tab contains the following groups of buttons [more…]

How to Customize Chart Elements in Excel 2013

The Chart Elements button (with the plus sign icon) that appears when your chart is selected in Excel 2013 contains a list of the major chart elements that you can add to your chart. To add an element [more…]

How to Edit and Format Chart Titles in Excel 2013

When Excel 2013 first adds titles to a new chart, it gives them generic names, such as Chart Title and Axis Title. To edit or format these generic titles with the actual chart titles, click the title in [more…]

How to Use Sparklines in Excel 2013

Excel 2013 lets you spruce up a worksheet with a whole bevy of graphics, including sparklines (new tiny charts that fit right inside worksheet cells), text boxes, clip art drawings supplied by Microsoft [more…]

How to Add and Format Text Boxes in a Chart in Excel 2013

To add a text box in Excel 2013 like the one shown to the chart when a chart is selected, select the Format tab under the Chart Tools contextual tab. Then, click the Insert Shapes drop-down button to open [more…]

How to Add an Arrow to Text Boxes in a Chart in Excel 2013

When creating a text box in Excel 2013, you may want to add an arrow to point directly to the object or part of the chart you’re referencing. To add an arrow, follow these steps: [more…]

How to Download Online Images in Excel 2013

Excel 2013 makes it easy to insert online graphic images into your worksheet. The new Insert Pictures dialog box enables you to search Office.com for clip art images to insert as well as to use Microsoft’s [more…]

How to Insert Clipart Images in Excel 2013

Clip art is the name given to the ready-made illustrations offered by Microsoft for use in its various Microsoft Office programs, including Excel 2013. Clip art drawings are now so numerous that the images [more…]

How to Insert Images from the Web in Excel 2013

In addition to downloading clip art from the Microsoft Office website for use in Excel 2013, you can also download pictures from the web using the Bing [more…]

How to Find Records with the Data Form in Excel 2013

In a large data list, trying to find a particular record by moving from record to record in Excel 2013 — or even moving ten records at a time with the scroll bar — can take all day. Rather than waste time [more…]

How to Sort Data Lists on a Single Field in Excel 2013

Every data list you put together in Excel 2013 will have some kind of preferred order for maintaining the records. You can sort on a single or multiple fields. Depending on the list, you may want to see [more…]

How to Use Custom Filters in Excel 2013

In addition to filtering a data list to records that contain a particular field entry in Excel 2013, you can create custom AutoFilters that enable you to filter the list to records that meet less-exacting [more…]

How to Query Access Database Tables to Import External Data in Excel 2013

Excel 2013 makes it easy to import data into a worksheet from other database tables created with stand-alone database management systems (such as Microsoft Access), a process known as making an [more…]

How to Perform Web Queries to Import External Data in Excel 2013

To make a web page query in Excel 2013, you click the From web command button on the Data tab of the Ribbon or press Alt+AFW. Excel then opens the New web Query dialog box containing the Home page for [more…]

How to Install Apps for Office in Excel 2013

Apps for Office are small programs that run inside various Microsoft Office 2013 programs, including Excel 2013, to extend their functionality. There are apps to help you learn about Excel’s features, [more…]

How to Load Excel 2013 Add-Ins

Excel 2013 add-in programs are small modules that extend the program’s power by giving you access to a wide array of features and calculating functions not otherwise offered in the program. There are three [more…]


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