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Crunching Numbers with Excel 2007's AVERAGE, MAX, MIN, and MEDIAN Functions

Excel 2007's Statistical functions — including AVERAGE, MAX, MIN, and MEDIAN — are found on a continuation menu accessed from the More Functions command button’s drop-down menu on the Formulas tab. Excel [more…]

How to Create a Custom Header or Footer in Excel 2007

Although Excel 2007 provides standard header and footer text that you can select from drop-down menus, you also can create a custom header or footer. In addition to typical header or footer items such [more…]

Inserting Decimal Points Automatically in Excel 2007

If you need to enter a bunch of numbers in an Excel 2007 worksheet that use the same number of decimal places, you can turn on Excel’s Fixed Decimal setting and have the program enter the decimals for [more…]

Changing Excel 2007’s Default Font and Font Size

By default, Excel 2007 uses the 11-point Calibri font for cell entries, but you can change this to another font or font size of your choice for all new workbooks. [more…]

Planning Your Day with Excel 2007's NOW, TIME, and TIMEVALUE Functions

Excel 2007's time functions enable you to convert text entries representing times of day into time serial numbers so that you can use them in calculations. Some common time functions include NOW, TIME, [more…]

How to Save an Excel 2007 Workbook

As you work in Microsoft Office Excel 2007, remember to save your work often or you risk losing your Excel data if the computer crashes or the power goes out. When you save a workbook for the first time [more…]

How to Insert a Link to Send an E-mail in an Excel 2007 Workbook

You can insert a "mailto" hyperlink in Excel 2007 that anyone can click to create an e-mail to a specific address. The hyperlink can appear in a worksheet cell, or it can be associated with a graphic object [more…]

Get Excel Help for Excel 2007

If you get stuck and have questions about Microsoft Office Excel 2007 features, you can use the Excel Help window to quickly find Excel 2007 help. The Excel Help button — the button with a question mark [more…]

Aligning Excel 2007 Data Horizontally and Vertically

In Excel 2007, you can change the horizontal and vertical alignment of cell data. By default, text is left-aligned, and values or dates are right-aligned. Use the buttons in the Alignment group of the [more…]

Advanced Find and Replace in Excel 2007

In addition to performing a basic find and replace operation in Microsoft Office Excel 2007, you can use advanced search options (in the expanded Find and Replace dialog box) to carry out a more detailed [more…]

Using AutoSum for Quick Calculations in Excel 2007

To quickly sum a row or a column of values in an Excel 2007 worksheet, you can use the AutoSum button (the one with the on it) in the Editing group of the Home tab of the Ribbon. When you click this button [more…]

How to Save an Excel 2007 Workbook as a PDF File

Microsoft Office Excel 2007 lets you save your workbook files directly in the PDF (Portable Document File) file format developed by Adobe Systems Incorporated. This format enables people to open and print [more…]

Understanding Excel 2007's Formula Auditing Tools

Excel 2007 offers some effective formula-auditing tools for tracking down the cell that’s causing your error woes by tracing the relationships between the formulas in the cells of your worksheet. By tracing [more…]

Assigning Names to Constant Values in Excel 2007

Some formulas that you create in Excel 2007 use constant values, such as a 7.5% tax rate or a 10% discount rate. Assign names to these values and then use their names in the formulas that you create. Then [more…]

Modifying and Pivoting Fields in an Excel 2007 Pivot Table

Pivot tables are much more dynamic than standard Excel 2007 tables because they are so easy to manipulate and modify. Excel makes it just as easy to change which fields from the original data source are [more…]

Applying a Table Style to an Excel 2007 Table

In Excel 2007, you can apply a predefined table format to a data table. The Format as Table feature displays an extensive Table gallery with the formatting thumbnails divided into three sections — Light [more…]

How to Insert a Hyperlink to a File or Web Site in Excel 2007

You can insert a hyperlink in Excel 2007 that anyone can click to jump to Web sites or open other files. The hyperlink can appear in a worksheet cell, or it can be associated with a graphic object, such [more…]

How to Enter Basic Formulas in Excel 2007

As entries go in Excel 2007, formulas are the real workhorses of the worksheet. If you set up a formula properly, it computes the right answer when you first enter it into a cell. From then on, it keeps [more…]

Playing What-If with Excel 2007’s Data Tables

With Excel 2007’s data tables, you enter a series of possible values that Excel plugs into a single formula so you can perform what-if analysis on the data. What-if analysis enables you to explore the [more…]

Dealing with the New Excel 2007 File Formats

Office Excel 2007 supports the use of a new XML-based file format that Microsoft officially calls the Microsoft Office Open XML format. This new file format carries the filename extension [more…]

How to Join Text Strings in Excel 2007 with the & Operator

You can use the ampersand (&) operator to concatenate (or join) separate text strings together in Excel 2007. For example, in a client list worksheet that includes the last names in column A and the first [more…]

Determining Cell Data Types with Excel 2007's TYPE Function

Excel 2007's TYPE function is an information function that returns the type of value in a cell. Aptly named, this function enables you to build formulas with the IF function that execute one type of behavior [more…]

Formatting Excel 2007 Chart Elements

The Chart Tools Format tab in Excel 2007 contains command buttons that make it easy to format chart elements you select. Excel gives you a choice of methods for selecting individual chart elements: [more…]

Starting and Exiting Excel 2007

Microsoft Office Excel 2007 provides several methods for starting and exiting the program. You can open Excel by using the Start menu or a desktop shortcut. When you want to exit Excel, you can do so by [more…]

Creating Custom AutoFilters for Numbers in Excel 2007

Use the Custom AutoFilter dialog box in Excel 2007 to locate records that either match all criteria or meet one or the other criteria. You can use this method when you want to filter data based on a range [more…]

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