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Rotating a 3-D Excel Chart

Admit it — 3-D charts in Excel look really cool! Working with 3-D charts in Excel requires merely a basic understanding of height, width, and depth. The 3-D View dialog box lets you change the 3-D settings [more…]

Using Columns and Bars to Compare Items in Excel Charts

In Excel charts, using columns and bars is a great way to compare items side-by-side. Column and Bar charts also handle multiple data series — a key point when considering which Excel chart type to use [more…]

Dictating to Excel: What to Say for Common Punctuation

The Speech Recognition feature in Excel 2003 dictates a word or phrase you speak into your PC's microphone for common punctuation and symbols. Here are the words to say and what Speech Recognition executes [more…]

Shortcut Keys for Manipulating Worksheets in Excel 2003

Learning keyboard shortcuts will make operating your worksheets easier in Excel 2003. Here are some shortcut keys to basic commands in your Excel worksheets: [more…]

Shortcut Keys for Editing and Formatting Cell Entries in Excel 2003

Each one of those little squares on a worksheet in Excel 2003 is called a cell and it holds important information. Here are some keyboard shortcut keys that help you organize and correct your cell entries [more…]

Excel 2003 for Dummies Cheat Sheet

Running Excel 2003 is easier when you know the shortcut keys to manage your worksheets and cell entries. The Speech Recognition feature in Excel 2003 lets you enter data, like symbols and punctuation, [more…]

Keyboard Shortcuts for Entering Data in Excel 2003

Filling in all those empty Excel 2003 cells may seem daunting, but keyboard shortcuts ease the pain. Use these Excel 2003 keyboard shortcuts to enter data quickly. You'll find Excel a much more enjoyable [more…]

Keyboard Shortcuts for Editing Cells in Excel 2003

Editing information within a cell in Excel 2003 can get confusing without some guidance. Excel 2003 has plenty of keyboard shortcuts to make editing cells a breeze: [more…]

Keyboard Shortcuts for Excel 2003 Worksheets

Excel 2003 — any version of Excel, actually — is about creating spreadsheets (worksheets) contained in workbooks. To navigate around worksheets and workbooks in Excel 2003, use these keyboard shortcuts [more…]

Keyboard Shortcuts for Moving within an Excel 2003 Worksheet

You’re moving cell-by-cell through an Excel 2003 worksheet, thinking "I wish there was a shortcut." Your wish is granted! Excel 2003 keyboard shortcuts make quick work of your spreadsheet. [more…]

Excel 2003 All-in-One For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Excel 2003 offers a multitude of options — along with keyboard shortcuts — to create glorious spreadsheets (or worksheets, in Excel-ese). Whatever you use Excel 2003 for, you can move around and through [more…]

Excel Order of Operations to Keep in Mind

Mathematics dictates a protocol of how formulas are interpreted, and Excel follows that protocol. The following is the order in which mathematical operators and syntax are applied both in Excel and in [more…]

Excel Functions You're Likely to Use

Some Excel functions apply to specific subject areas, but others are general and apply to all needs. The following list shows an array of Excel functions used by one and all. Check here for a quickie reference [more…]

Excel Text Functions You'll Find Helpful

Excel's text functions are very helpful when you're working with names, addresses, customer lists, or any other text-based data. Here is list of Excel functions associated with text, along with a description [more…]

The Excel 2003 Program Window

When you first launch the Microsoft Office application program Excel (versions 2003 and earlier), the following program window appears, containing three blank worksheets. You can build your new spreadsheet [more…]

Excel 2003 Standard Toolbar

The Standard toolbar in Excel contains a variety of buttons for doing things like opening a new workbook, zooming in and out on your current worksheet, and sorting selected items. Get to know the buttons [more…]

Excel 2003 Formatting Toolbar

The Formatting toolbar in Excel 2003 and earlier versions holds a variety of buttons for commonly used formatting operations on your average spreadsheet, like changing text size or style, formatting numbers [more…]

Excel Data Entry Shortcut Keys

When you're working in Excel and entering data in a cell, it's essential to complete the entry either by clicking another cell with the mouse pointer or by using one of the handy shortcut keys shown here [more…]

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