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Macros & Programming

An Overview of the Excel Object Model

Visual Basic for Applications is an object-oriented programming language. The basic concept of object-oriented programmingis that a software application [more…]

Macros & Programming

10 Ways to Speed Up Your Macros

As your Excel macros become increasingly robust and complex, you may find that they lose performance. When discussing macros, the word performance is usually synonymous with [more…]

Macros & Programming

10 Places to Turn for Excel Macro Help

No one can become an Excel macro expert in one day. VBA is a journey of time and practice. The good news is that there are plenty of resources out there that can help you on your path. Here are ten of [more…]

Macros & Programming

10 Handy Visual Basic Editor Tips

If you're going to be spending time working with macros in Visual Basic Editor, why not take advantage of a few of the built-in tools that will make your job easier? These tips will greatly improve your [more…]

Macros & Programming

Why Use an Excel Macro?

A macro is essentially a set of instructions or code that you create to tell Excel to execute any number of actions. In Excel, macros can be written or recorded. The key word here is [more…]

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