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Using the Ribbon to Create a Chart in Excel 2016

One of the ways you can create a chart is with the Ribbon. This video explains how you to select data for the chart and then use charting options on the Ribbon to create the chart. [more…]

Pivot Tables

Using the Excel 2016 Recommended Pivot Tables Feature

If you're not sure how to create a pivot table, you can have Excel create one for you using its recommendation, which is a great way to learn about pivot tables. This video shows how to select the data [more…]

Using Tables

Creating Tables in Excel 2016

A table is useful in Excel when you have a lot of information you want to present in a consistent manner. This video explains how to set up a table, create headings and field entries, and format the table [more…]


Totaling Tables with the Quick Analysis Tool in Excel 2016

The Quick Analysis tool makes it easy to total amounts in Excel. This video shows how to select the cells you want to add and total the cells with Quick Analysis. [more…]

Entering & Editing

Filling in Data Fast with Excel 2016 Flash Fill

When you need to fill in columns with data from other columns, Flash Fill is the feature you want. This video shows how Flash Fill can extract data from one column to fill in a series of data in another [more…]

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