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Excel 2016

Install and Activate an Excel Power Query Add-In

In Excel 2016, Power Query isn't an add-in — it's a native feature of Excel, just like charts and pivot tables are native features. If you're working with Excel 2016, you don't have to install any additional [more…]

Excel 2016

10 Tips for Working with Power Query

Over the past few years, Microsoft has added countless features to Power Query. It has truly become a rich tool set with multiple ways to perform virtually any action you can think of. This growth in functionality [more…]

Excel 2016

10 Ways to Improve Power Pivot Performance

When you publish Power Pivot reports to the web, you intend to give your audience the best experience possible. A large part of that experience is ensuring that performance is good. The word [more…]

Excel 2016

Excel and Scalability

Scalability is the ability of an application to develop flexibly to meet growth and complexity requirements. In the context of Excel, scalability refers to Excel's ability to handle ever-increasing volumes [more…]

Excel 2016

Excel Lacks Transparency of Analytical Processes

One of Excel's most attractive features is its flexibility. Each individual cell can contain text, a number, a formula, or practically anything else the customer defines. Indeed, this is one of the fundamental [more…]

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