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How to Create Charts From the Ribbon in Excel 2013

To the right of the Recommended Charts button in the Charts group of the Ribbon’s Insert tab in Excel 2013, you find particular command buttons with drop-down galleries for creating the following types [more…]

Macros & Programming

Excel Macros: Standard Visual Basic Editor Shortcut Keys

Microsoft Excel shortcut keys allow you to perform certain tasks using only the keyboard. Getting in the habit of using these shortcut keys can help you work more efficiently because you limit the number [more…]

Macros & Programming

Excel Macros: Shortcut Keys for Working in the Code Window in Visual Basic Editor

At some point, you may find yourself working with many Excel macros at one time. It can be tedious trying to navigate between and within macro procedures by clicking around with the mouse. These keyboard [more…]

Macros & Programming

Shortcut Keys for Debugging Code in Excel’s Visual Basic Editor

Debugging your code is an important part of working with Excel macros. Although there are ways to use the debugging features through the Visual Basic Editor menu options, you may find the following keyboard [more…]

Macros & Programming

Excel Macros: Shortcut Keys for Navigating the Project Window in Visual Basic Editor

Want to navigate your Visual Basic projects without reaching for the mouse? Well, Excel gives you just what you need to do that with ease. Try using the following keyboard shortcuts to move between projects [more…]

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