Troubleshooting a Mac

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How to Troubleshoot Mac Printing Problems

Eventually, you will encounter printer issues when you try to print your Mac document. Fortunately, if your document won’t print, the fix is usually replacing your printer’s ink or toner cartridge or restocking [more…]

How to Help Your Mac When It’s Moving Slowly

A Mac, like any computer, is a machine, and occasionally you’ll encounter problems. Fortunately, most issues are minor. If your Mac is moving slowly when it was once fast, here are four possible explanations [more…]

How to Perform Routine Mac Maintenance

You can avoid many issues and problems by performing routine maintenance tasks on your Mac. Purging unnecessary files and programs, backing up your files, and updating software go a long way to keeping [more…]

How to Find Help for Your Mac Problems

If you run into a problem with your Mac beyond your expertise, especially if it’s a serious hardware issue, or you lack the patience, inclination, or confidence to fix your Mac, you can find help in plenty [more…]

How to Fix WiFi Interference Problems

Because radio bands are shared with other users, interference from other radio signals can affect your Mac’s WiFi’s performance. Unfortunately, if you do get interference, you are usually on your own. [more…]

Troubleshooting: When Your Mac Locks Up or Acts Up

Macs have a reputation for reliability, but they’re not perfect. Computer software is extremely complex, and problems happen — even with Macs. When your Mac slows down, gets stuck, locks up, or other problems [more…]

Keeping Your Mac’s Software and Hardware Running Smoothly

Taking care of a Mac and keeping it running smoothly is mostly common sense. You just need to pay attention to the software, hardware, and your habits every so often to keep your Mac safe and running optimally [more…]

Clearing Disk Space on Your Mac

If you find that your Mac’s hard drive is filling up, you can try several things. Of course, your hard drive might be filling up because you have lots of files you want to keep. In that case, consider [more…]

How to Get Rid of Your Old PC

As you wean yourself from Windows and enter the world of Mac, you may wonder what to do with your old PC. Here are suggestions on how to get rid of that old PC. But remember, before you send your computer [more…]

How to Remove Unused Keyboard Shortcuts from Office 2008 for Mac

Sometimes, one of the Office 2008 for Mac applications uses a keyboard shortcut that doesn’t make sense to you. Or a keyboard shortcut in one of the Office applications conflicts with a keyboard shortcut [more…]

Troubleshooting Problems with Turning Mac OS X Snow Leopard On and Off

These days, most Macs have a power-on button near the keyboard (notebooks) or the back side (iMacs). You use it to turn on your Mac, but there is a procedure for shutting down Snow Leopard properly. [more…]

How to Care for Your Mac OS X with Snow Leopard

Mac OS X Snow Leopard is a resilient operating system, but it isn't impenetrable. There are some things you should do to protect your Mac from bad things, like OS instability. Here’s a list of Mac do's [more…]

How to Use Mac OS X Snow Leopard's Help Viewer Window

If you start having problems with Mac OS X Snow Leopard, your first line of defense is the Help Viewer. To display the Help Viewer from the Finder menu, click Help and choose Mac Help, or press the Command+ [more…]

How to Find Help for Mac OS X Snow Leopard

Although the Help Viewer can take care of just about any question that you might have about the basic controls and features of Mac OS X Snow Leopard, you might also want to turn to other forms of help [more…]

Reasons to Add More RAM to Mac Snow Leopard

Of all the possible upgrades that you can make to your Macintosh, adding more random access memory (RAM) is the single most cost-effective method of improving the performance of Mac OS X. [more…]

Shopping for Extra Hard Drive Space for Your Mac

One way to optimize the way Mac OS X Snow Leopard runs is to ensure that you have sufficient hard space. Here’s a list of guidelines to keep handy while you’re shopping for a new internal or external hard [more…]

How to Find Help with Mac OS X Snow Leopard

One of the best features about all Macs is the excellent built-in help, and Mac OS X Snow Leopard doesn’t cheat you on that legacy: This system has online help in abundance. When you have a question about [more…]

How to Check Your Mac’s Performance with Activity Monitor

Mac Snow Leopard offers an application called the Activity Monitor, which is designed to show you just how hard your CPU, hard drives, network equipment, and memory modules are working behind the scenes [more…]

How to View Information about Partitions and Volumes in Mac OS X Snow Leopard

Disk Utility is a Mac OS X Snow Leopard feature that helps you perform maintenance chores on your Mac. You can use Disk Utility to see what data resides on the volumes or partitions you have on your computer [more…]

How to Fix System Errors with Mac OS X Snow Leopard’s First Aid

Mac OS X Snow Leopard offers a First Aid pane. This feature of Disk Utility lets you check almost any disk for errors, as well as repair any errors that it finds. Here are the two exceptions when the buttons [more…]

How to Restore Data with Mac OS X Snow Leopard’s Time Machine

Mac OS X Snow Leopard power users turn to Time Machine, a feature that makes restoring files as easy as pointing and clicking, to back up their precious data. If you enable backups through Snow Leopard’s [more…]

How to Use Startup Keys to Resolve Mac OS X Boot Problems

Mac OS X includes a number of special keys that you can use during the boot process. These keys really come in handy when you need to force your operating system to do something that it normally wouldn’t [more…]

Fix Cranky Mac Programs by Repairing Permissions with Disk Utility

As the Mac’s administrator, you have the right to open, view, and modify programs, folders, and files on your drive at will. Other user accounts on your system are given varying privileges to read and [more…]

Repair a Damaged Hard Disk on Your Mac with Disk Utility

Just about every championship baseball team has a valuable utility player to fill nearly every position. The versatile Disk Utility tool on your Mac serves this purpose for all things hard drive–related [more…]

How to Reinstall OS X on Your Mac

If a problem has truly brought your Mac to its knees, it may be time to reinstall your favorite operating system. It’s bad enough that you have to suffer through the hassle. You’re understandably panicked [more…]


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