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Office 2011 for Mac: Compatibility among Word File Formats

You have Word 2011, but remember, not everyone else does. At times, you may need to save your Office 2011 files in a format that people with other software can open. Knowing the software capabilities of [more…]

Working with Templates in Office 2011 for Mac

Templates are documents, workbooks, or presentations that are used in Office 2011 for Mac as starting points to build new files upon. When you save a file as a template, it becomes available in the templates [more…]

Working with SkyDrive in Office 2011 for Mac

Collaboration is built into Office 2011 for mac. You can save your documents directly to the cloud (like SkyDrive) by choosing File→Share. Choose your public cloud using Save to SkyDrive. SkyDrive offers [more…]

Choosing a View in Word in Office 2011 for Mac

You can choose from seven different views when working within Word 2011. Each view is designed to provide a different environment, optimized for the task and your working preference. The moment you open [more…]

Office 2011 for Mac: Opening a Web Page in Word

Surfing the Web is great, but at times, you may want to edit those Web pages in Word 2011. Several approaches bring all or part of a Web page into Word in Office 2011 for Mac. [more…]

Office 2011 for Mac: Change Word’s Default Document

Perhaps you've suspected that Word 2011 must have a special template somewhere that you can use as a default when you create that seemingly plain, blank document. Well, you’re right; this special template [more…]

Word for Mac 2011 Toolbar: Adding the Fit to Window Command

The Fit to Window command is a Word 2011for Mac feature that’s so handy you might wonder why it’s not always on by default, or why it's not part of any Mac toolbar. The Fit to Window command automatically [more…]

How to Format a Line in Office 2011 for Mac

In Office 2011 for Mac applications, you’re offered line-formatting options when you choose to format a line and when you format a solid shape. Solid shapes have lines around them, and those lines [more…]

Opening Files in Office 2011 for Mac

Every program in Office 2011 for Mac is associated with files that must be opened from the File menu. Whenever you choose File→Open or when you insert content into existing files using a file browser, [more…]

Saving Files in Office 2011 for Mac

Saving a file that you're working on in Office 2011 for Mac is as easy as clicking the Save button on the Standard toolbar, pressing Command-S, or choosing File→Save. If your file has been saved previously [more…]

Signing Up for and Managing SkyDrive in Office 2011 for Mac

SkyDrive offers online file storage and file sharing to Office 2011 for Mac users in exchange for being subjected to advertising. If you already have a Hotmail, Microsoft Messenger, or Windows Live account [more…]

Managing Files with SkyDrive in Office 2011 for Mac

If you’ve decided to use SkyDrive to store and share your Office 2011 files, you have two ways to save to SkyDrive without your Web browser. You can save directly from Office to SkyDrive, or you can save [more…]

Office 2011 for Mac: How to Insert a SmartArt Graphic

Sometimes you need visual aids to convey your message, and Office 2011 for Mac can help you there. SmartArt graphics are sophisticated design combinations of shapes and text used to present data that you [more…]

Edit and Manipulate SmartArt Graphics in Office 2011 for Mac

In Office 2011 for Mac, SmartArt is a component that allows you to represent your data or ideas visually. If you select a SmartArt graphic, you can use the Edit SmartArt group of the SmartArt tab of the [more…]

How to Make SmartArt Charts in Office 2011 for Mac

Charts take data, organize them, and present them in a visual form. Office 2011 for Mac offers two different approaches for making organization charts: The newer SmartArt method can produce visually appealing [more…]

How to Format Ordinary Text in Office 2011 for Mac

In Office 2011 for Mac, the Home tab on the Ribbon displays the commands used most often when formatting text. Head to the Font group on the Ribbon’s Home tab when you want to format text that you have [more…]

Formatting Text Boxes and Shapes in Office 2011 for Mac

Office 2011 for Mac has all kinds of shapes, including text boxes, shapes, SmartArt shapes, and content placeholders in PowerPoint. But that's just the beginning. In addition to using the Font tab offerings [more…]

Applying a Solid Fill to a Shape in Office 2011 for Mac

In Office 2011 for Mac applications, you can apply a fill to almost any shape that is not a point-to-point line. This includes shapes from the Media palette and shapes in graphs such as those representing [more…]

Applying a Gradient Fill to a Shape in Office 2011 for Mac

The Gradient tab of the Fill panel in the Format Shape dialog is where you fill a shape with a gradient in Office 2011 for Mac. Although it looks complicated at first, after you play with it, you'll love [more…]

Filling a Shape with a Graphic in Office 2011 for Mac

In Office 2011 for Mac applications, shapes can be filled with a picture from a file or filled with one of several textures from a menu by way of the Picture or Texture tab of the Format Shape dialog. [more…]

Applying Filters to Pictures in Office 2011 for Mac

Available as part of the Format Picture tab, the Filters palette on the Office 2011 for Mac Ribbon has a variety of special effects from which to choose. Filters can make your picture look more like a [more…]

Office 2011 for Mac: Adding Shadows, Glow, and Reflection to Shapes

Office 2011 for Mac makes it easy to add effects to shapes. In addition to being able to format the inside of a shape, you can use the different tabs of the Format Shape dialog in Office 2011 applications [more…]

How to Format Shapes with 3-D Controls in Office 2011

Using Office 2011 for Mac’s 3-D format controls, you can easily take a simple shape and give it a three-dimensional appearance. On the Bevel tab of 3-D Format option in the Format Shape dialog, you control [more…]

Office 2011 for Mac: Using the Ribbon to Correct Pictures

So you've added pictures to your Office 2011 for Mac document, workbook, or presentation — but the pictures need correcting. No worries; Office 2011 for Mac offers easy-to-use correction options on its [more…]

Recoloring Pictures with Formatting Tools in Office 2011 for Mac

Recoloring a picture with the formatting tools in Office 2011 for Mac applications can change the mood and sometimes add more visual interest than was present in the original picture. Or you may just need [more…]

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