Formatting Charts and Graphics in Office 2011

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How to Format a Line in Office 2011 for Mac

In Office 2011 for Mac applications, you’re offered line-formatting options when you choose to format a line and when you format a solid shape. Solid shapes have lines around them, and those lines [more…]

Edit and Manipulate SmartArt Graphics in Office 2011 for Mac

In Office 2011 for Mac, SmartArt is a component that allows you to represent your data or ideas visually. If you select a SmartArt graphic, you can use the Edit SmartArt group of the SmartArt tab of the [more…]

How to Make SmartArt Charts in Office 2011 for Mac

Charts take data, organize them, and present them in a visual form. Office 2011 for Mac offers two different approaches for making organization charts: The newer SmartArt method can produce visually appealing [more…]

Applying a Solid Fill to a Shape in Office 2011 for Mac

In Office 2011 for Mac applications, you can apply a fill to almost any shape that is not a point-to-point line. This includes shapes from the Media palette and shapes in graphs such as those representing [more…]

Applying a Gradient Fill to a Shape in Office 2011 for Mac

The Gradient tab of the Fill panel in the Format Shape dialog is where you fill a shape with a gradient in Office 2011 for Mac. Although it looks complicated at first, after you play with it, you'll love [more…]

Filling a Shape with a Graphic in Office 2011 for Mac

In Office 2011 for Mac applications, shapes can be filled with a picture from a file or filled with one of several textures from a menu by way of the Picture or Texture tab of the Format Shape dialog. [more…]

Applying Filters to Pictures in Office 2011 for Mac

Available as part of the Format Picture tab, the Filters palette on the Office 2011 for Mac Ribbon has a variety of special effects from which to choose. Filters can make your picture look more like a [more…]

Office 2011 for Mac: Adding Shadows, Glow, and Reflection to Shapes

Office 2011 for Mac makes it easy to add effects to shapes. In addition to being able to format the inside of a shape, you can use the different tabs of the Format Shape dialog in Office 2011 applications [more…]

How to Format Shapes with 3-D Controls in Office 2011

Using Office 2011 for Mac’s 3-D format controls, you can easily take a simple shape and give it a three-dimensional appearance. On the Bevel tab of 3-D Format option in the Format Shape dialog, you control [more…]

Office 2011 for Mac: Using the Ribbon to Correct Pictures

So you've added pictures to your Office 2011 for Mac document, workbook, or presentation — but the pictures need correcting. No worries; Office 2011 for Mac offers easy-to-use correction options on its [more…]

Recoloring Pictures with Formatting Tools in Office 2011 for Mac

Recoloring a picture with the formatting tools in Office 2011 for Mac applications can change the mood and sometimes add more visual interest than was present in the original picture. Or you may just need [more…]

How to Draw Lines and Shapes in Office 2011 for Mac

Even with the plethora of prefabricated shapes to choose from in Office 2011’s Media browser, you may have a hankering for some good old-fashioned simple shapes, or maybe you want to try your hand at creating [more…]

Select and Remove Picture Backgrounds in Office 2011 for Mac

Remove Background is a new feature for Office 2011 for Mac applications. The Remove Background feature automatically figures out a shape's boundaries, which make removing it super quick. In many ways, [more…]

How to Crop a Picture with the Ribbon in Office 2011 for Mac

The Crop tool has new behavior in Office 2011 for Mac. Instead of just one kind of crop, Office for Mac now has four kinds. To get at the additional crop tools, click the small triangle to the right of [more…]

Working with Layers of Pictures in Office 2011 for Mac

Everything you see in Office for Mac is on a layer, where some layers are closer to you than others. Farthest away from you is the background layer. The next layer is the text layer. Any additional objects [more…]

How to Group Multiple Objects in Office 2011 for Mac

When working with multiple objects above the text layer of an Office 2011 for Mac document, spreadsheet, or presentation, sometimes you may want to combine [more…]

How to Browse Clip Art in Office 2011 for Mac

Office 2011 for mac has two distinctly different ways of browsing your Clip Art collection. The quick, easy way is to use the Clip Art tab of the Media browser. A more robust way of working with your clips [more…]

How to Download New Clip Art with Office 2011 for Mac

Sometimes the Clip Art that exists in your Office for Mac gallery doesn’t include the exact picture you need. You can download as many pieces of Clip Art as you want to your computer and use them however [more…]

Office 2011 for Mac: Changing Clip Art Categories and Keyword Tags

The Clip Art you download to Office 2011 for Mac from Office Online enters the Clip Gallery with default keyword tags and automatically placed in the Favorites category. However, you can change the default [more…]

Inserting Symbols and Special Characters in Office 2011 for Mac

Inserting symbols and unusual characters to your document is easy with Office 2011 for Mac. Symbols for foreign languages, math and science, currency, and so on, are quickly accessible in Office 2011 for [more…]

How to Insert Shapes in Office 2011 for Mac

In Office 2011 for Mac, the Media browser is where you can find an assortment of shapes to add to your documents, workbooks, and presentations. You'll also find the same shapes on various places on the [more…]

Office 2011 for Mac: Applying Styles to Text Boxes

In Office 2011 for Mac, a style is a collection of formatting settings. If you select a text box or shape and then click the Ribbon’s Format tab, in the Text Styles group you may see the icon or the gallery [more…]

Apply Text Effects to Text Boxes in Office 2011 for Mac

You can create all sorts of text effects in Office 2011 for Mac. When you click the Effects button on the Format tab of the Ribbon, you can choose from the following effects, each of which has a submenu [more…]

Format Text Boxes in Office 2011 for Mac

You’ll want to use Office 2011 for Mac’s Format Text dialog for the precision control of text formatting it offers. You can get to the Format Text dialog in a bunch of ways. The three easiest ways to get [more…]

How to Apply Themes in Office 2011 for Mac

When you apply a formatting theme to projects created in Office 2011 for Mac, you can achieve consistent colors and fonts for the elements included within your Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and PowerPoint [more…]


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