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How to Use Filters in Adobe Fireworks CS6

Filters offer you many opportunities to edit your images in Adobe Fireworks CS6. You can choose to blur an image or adjust its colors by using the Curves or Hue Adjustment layer. To access your filters [more…]

How to Create Hotspots in Adobe Fireworks CS6

Adobe Fireworks CS6 gives you lots of ways to take advantage of hyperlinks. A hotspot is a simple link from text or a graphic to a URL (Universal Resource Locator) on the web. [more…]

How to Slice in Adobe Fireworks CS6

After you’ve prepared a simple but efficient navbar in Adobe Fireworks CS6, use the Slice tool to create a couple of slices and then export them. Follow these steps: [more…]

How to Test and Export an Image Map in Adobe Fireworks CS6

After you’ve created and linked an image map in Adobe Fireworks CS6, you’re ready to test and export it for use on your web page. Follow these steps: [more…]

How to Edit Images in Adobe Fireworks CS6

After you have an image open in Adobe Fireworks CS6, you can start editing it. The editing features in Fireworks are similar to those in Photoshop but aren’t as extensive. You can do many basic tasks in [more…]

How to Convert Artwork to a Symbol in Adobe Fireworks CS6

If you find yourself in the position of repeatedly creating the same button, animation, or graphic in Adobe Fireworks CS6, follow these steps to convert that artwork to a symbol: [more…]

How to Create Images with Bitmap Tools in Adobe Fireworks CS6

Adobe Fireworks CS6 has some tools that work differently than similar tools in other Adobe applications: the bitmap tools of Blur, Brush, Eraser, Lasso, Magic Wand, Marquee, Pencil, and Rubber Stamp. If [more…]

How to Use Masks in Adobe Fireworks CS6

You can mask in Adobe Fireworks CS6, but you don’t use quite the same method as you use in Illustrator, InDesign, or Photoshop. The result is essentially the same, however. [more…]

How to Add Effects in Adobe Fireworks CS6

Spunk up your text in Adobe Fireworks CS6 by adding Live Effects from Photoshop. You can add drop shadows or 3D effects or even make your text look like wood! [more…]

How to Scale Images in Adobe Fireworks CS6

Making images the right size in Adobe Fireworks CS6 is important. If an image is too large, you waste valuable download time; if it’s too small, the image looks pixelated and blurry. [more…]

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