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How to Limit Editing and Printing in Adobe Acrobat CS6

In addition to restricting viewing of a PDF file in Adobe Acrobat CS6, you can also limit editing and printing, restricting users from making changes to your document. This allows users to view a file [more…]

How to Apply Password Security in Adobe Acrobat CS6

Selecting the Encrypt with Password option from the Encrypt button in the Protection section of the Tools panel in Adobe Acrobat CS6 limits access to the PDF file. Only those who know the password can [more…]

How to Convert Webpages to PDFs with Adobe Acrobat CS6

By converting online content to Adobe PDF using Acrobat CS6, you can capture content from a website. Because web content can change rapidly, you can capture something that may not remain online for a long [more…]

How to Create Bookmarks in Acrobat CS6 that Link to a Webpage

By navigating in Adobe Acrobat CS6 to a page, and to a specific view on a page, you can establish the destination of a bookmark link. With a PDF document open, follow these steps: [more…]

How to Create Acrobat CS6 Bookmarks that Link to a Website

Although Adobe Acrobat CS6 bookmarks are most commonly used to link to content within a PDF file, you can also use bookmarks to create links to other websites or even other documents. To create a link [more…]

How to Add Interactive Links to an Acrobat CS6 Document

When viewing a PDF file electronically in Acrobat CS6, you can add links for e-mail addresses, web addresses, and references to other pages. Unlike bookmarks which are neatly organized in a panel, links [more…]

How to Manipulate Text with Adobe Acrobat CS6’s Edit Document Text Tool

The Edit Document Text tool is used for manipulating text in Adobe Acrobat CS6. This can include changing actual text characters or the appearance of text. You can change [more…]

How to Edit Graphics with Adobe Acrobat CS6’s Edit Object Tool

You can use the Edit Object in Adobe Acrobat CS6 tool to access editing software for modifying graphics. For example, you can use the Edit Object tool to select a graphic, bring the graphic into Photoshop [more…]

How to Attach Files to PDFs in Adobe Acrobat CS6

With the Attach File tool in Adobe Acrobat CS6, you can attach any existing file from your computer or computer network to a PDF document. For example, if you have an Excel spreadsheet that relates to [more…]

How to Use Drawing Markup Tools in Adobe Acrobat CS6

The Drawing Markups panel in Adobe Acrobat CS6 contains shape tools, line tools, pencil tools and other drawing tools. Use the drawing tools to add lines, ovals, rectangles, and other shapes to your PDF [more…]

How to Use Shared Reviews in Adobe Acrobat CS6

You can use Shared Reviews in Adobe Acrobat CS6 to collaborate and share comments quickly without needing to save files and attach them to an e-mail message or upload them to a server. When you use Shared [more…]

How to Use E-Mail Reviews with Adobe Acrobat CS6

Email reviews are a means of sharing comments in an Adobe Acrobat CS6 PDF by attaching them to an e-mail message. By using this feature you can share comments without needing to upload the file to a server [more…]

How to Add Buttons to Your PDF Files in Adobe Acrobat CS6

Along with links and bookmarks in Adobe Acrobat CS6, buttons provide another way to make your files more useful when they’re viewed online. You can create interactive buttons entirely within Acrobat — [more…]

How to Export Text via Save As in Adobe Acrobat CS6

Although editing text and graphics in Adobe Acrobat CS6 is helpful, you may need to take text or images from a PDF document and use them in another file. Fortunately, Acrobat also includes tools to make [more…]

How to Use the Stamp Tool in Adobe Acrobat CS6

You can use stamps to identify documents or to highlight a certain part of a document in Adobe Acrobat CS6. Common stamps include Confidential, Draft, Sign Here, and Approved. [more…]

How to Remove Sensitive Data from Documents in Adobe Acrobat CS6

Sometimes you may want to make a PDF file accessible with Adobe Acrobat CS6, but you may want to remove certain sets of information. For example, you may want to remove a person’s name or personal information [more…]

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